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The other students spend the night in the Great Hall while the castle is searched. Harry is still awake when the teachers report back and say there is no sign of Black. Snape then suggests that Black entered Hogwarts with "inside help" from a member of staff. He's about to suggest one teacher in particular, but Dumbledore cuts him off and insists that no-one from inside would have helped him.

In the next few weeks after, security is tightened at school. Sir Cadogan replaces the Fat Lady as the guardian of Gryffindor Tower. Harry finds teachers and Percy Weasley keep finding excuses to follow him around. [=McGonagall=] comes to break to Harry that Sirius Black might be after him, but Harry always knows. In the mean time, Gryffindor are training for a Quidditch match with Hufflepuff. Normally it would be Slytherin, but Malfoy was able to use his arm injury from earlier as an excuse to get Slytherin out of playing Quidditch with Gryffindor on a day of stormy weather.

In the mean time, Harry arrives at a Defence Against the Dark Arts class, only to find that Snape is filling in for Lupin. It does not make for a fun lesson. Snape criticises Lupin and decides to divert the class to learning about werewolves, including setting a lengthy essay as homework. The next morning, on the day of the Quidditch match, Harry gets woken up early by Peeves. During the morning, he becomes suspicious of Crookshanks, who seems to be trying to get into the dormitory and go after Scabbers even though there surely must be other mice around.

The Quidditch match takes place in a thunderstorm, complete with strong winds and torrential rain. Harry initially has no hope of catching the Snitch as his glasses get splattered by water. Hermione uses a charm to make them repel water during a time out session. Harry takes off again, and soon after sees the image of a dog on the top level of the stands. Did he just see the Grim? He then sees Hufflepuff's seeker Cedric Diggory closing in on the Snitch. He goes after, at which point the atmosphere of the stadium suddenly changes. And then Harry realises that there's been a pitch invasion...of Dementors. As cold descends and Harry loses consciousness, he hears the voice of the screaming woman again. It seems to be Harry's mother, pleading for Harry to be spared against someone who could only be Voldemort.

Harry wakes up in the hospital wing. He fell off his broom and was injured. Luckily, Dumbledore was able to use magic to break Harry's fall and drive away the Dementors. His broom was not so lucky it flew into [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecretsC5TheWhompingWillow the dreaded Whomping Willow]] and got smashed to pieces.
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