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Harry wakes up in the hospital wing. Snape and Fudge are just outside. Snape is telling Fudge that Sirius bewitched Harry and his friends with a Confundus Charm into thinking he was innocent. Neither are sure how so many Dementors were driven away. After the Dementors left, Snape regained consciousness and conjured stretchers to take Harry, Ron, Hermione and Sirius back to the castle. Harry and Hermione get out of bed and rush to Fudge to try to tell him that Sirius is innocent, but he assumes they are Confunded. Dumbledore arrives. He has just been talking to Sirius Black, and asks if he can talk to Harry and Hermione alone.

Dumbledore believes their story, but says that there appears to be little they can do. Sirius is minutes away from getting a FateWorseThanDeath. The word of three underage wizards won't persuade the Ministry to change their minds in such a short time frame, and Sirius has been [[NotHelpingYourCase hardly helping his case]] with how he acted when he broke into the castle twice. He tells Hermione that they need "more time". He drops a few more cryptic instructions: he explains where Sirius is being held captive describing the office's location from the outside, and adds that "if all goes well, you will be able to save more than one innocent life tonight". He prepares to lock them in the hospital wing. Hermione pulls out what looks like an hourglass on a chain, puts it around them and turns the hourglass.

They vanish and reappear in the Entrance Hall. Hermione takes him aside into a cupboard and explains that the device is a Time Turner, a device for TimeTravel. She has been using the Time Turner this year to attend extra classes. They hear their past selves walking through the hall to head out to Hagrid's, as they were doing three hours ago. They head out, realising that Dumbledore wants them to first rescue Buckbeak and then rescue Sirius from the office where he was being held captive at the time they went back in time.

They sneak down to Hagrid's hut and hear their past selves entering. Fudge and the execution party will have to first see the Hippogriff tethered up, otherwise they will think Hagrid set him free. Harry also asks why they can't just grab Scabbers. Hermione explains that they ''cannot be seen''. Terrible things have happened to wizards who have meddled with time. The execution party are heading out to Hagrid's, while their past selves escape. Once their past selves are out of the way, the execution party arrives. Harry waits until they are inside and distracted before sneaking out. With very little time available, he unties the rope around Buckbeak and leads him away into the woods where they hide. The executioner swipes at the fence in anger this was the swish of the axe their past selves heard, that sounded like the sound of the Hippogriff being killed.

They now head to the Whomping Willow and watch the past Ron being dragged into the tunnel, with the past Harry and Hermione following, leaving the Cloak behind. Hermione has to stop Harry from grabbing the Cloak to stop Snape from using it. They then watch as first Lupin and then Snape enter the passageway. While they wait, Hermione asks Harry who drove away the Dementors. Harry says it looked like it was his father. He admits it surely couldn't be, but then, Pettigrew had already turned up alive unexpectedly that night.

Darkness falls. After a long wait, their past selves and the others emerge from the Whomping Willow. The scene of Lupin transforming and Pettigrew escaping plays out. Hermione admits that there's not much they can do to stop Pettigrew. Realising Lupin will run into the forest, they run out of the way and hide in Hagrid's hut. Harry goes out to witness the Dementors surrounding their past selves, curious to see who drove them away. He watches and no-one appears. Just in time, he realises that it was not his father, but ''himself''. He casts a powerful Patronus that drives away the swarm of Dementors.

Hermione is at first shocked that Harry appears to have been meddled. After he explains, she is astonished he conjured such a powerful Patronus. Harry explains he knew he could do it because he'd already seen himself do it. They now wait around, while Snape rescues their past selves. Eventually, the executioner is seen heading out to fetch the Dementors. They take that as a cue to fly to rescue Sirius. They fly up and rescue him from Professor Flitwick's Office. He is amazed by what they have done, but they have no time to explain how they did it. Instead, they leave Sirius to ride away on Buckbeak.
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