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Snape, who found Harry's cloak at the foot of the Whomping Willow, has come to catch Sirius. Seeing Lupin there seems to confirm his longstanding suspicion that Lupin was helping Sirius enter the castle. Lupin tries to explain, but Snape conjures ropes to bind and gag him. He then turns on Sirius. Sirius offers to come with them to the castle on the condition that they bring Scabbers. Snape replies that he would rather hand him over to get the Dementor's Kiss as soon as they get out of the tunnel, and even seems to suggest giving it to Lupin. He gestures them to leave.

Harry then confronts Snape. He questions why, if Lupin was really working for Sirius, that Lupin never harmed Harry even though they spent hours alone together. Snape does not care and can't believe that Harry isn't thankful to him for (supposedly) saving his life. Harry is furious that Snape won't listen, and has enough doubts that he won't let Sirius be taken to the Dementors. Harry, Ron and Hermione try to disarm Snape in unison, causing him to be slammed into the wall and knocked out.

Harry then demands proof, but Ron won't hand over Scabbers. Ron and Lupin ask Sirius how he could have known that Scabbers was Peter. Sirius takes out the [[Recap/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkabanC1OwlPost ''Daily Prophet'' article about the Weasleys winning the prize draw]]. it was given to him during Fudge's visit to Azkaban. Sirius noticed that Ron's rat was missing a toe. Sirius explains that when Pettigrew supposedly died, he first cut off his finger as part of the plan to fake his death. He then blasted a hole in the street behind him, killing 12 Muggles, then turned into a rat and escaped into the sewer. Sirius points out that Scabbers has been alive for far longer than an ordinary rat would be.

He also points out that Scabbers is now looking rather ill. Ron blames that on Crookshanks, though Harry notes that Scabbers was first seen looking ill not after meeting Crookshanks but after Sirius's escape. Sirius explains that Crookshanks is unusually intelligent for a cat. As a dog, Sirius could communicate with Crookshanks and enlisted the cat's help. Crookshanks tries to bring Pettigrew to him, and when that failed, he stole Neville's list of Gryffindor passwords. Pettigrew realised what was happening and again, faked his death. Harry realises that Sirius was trying to kill Pettigrew and questions out loud if he really should have stopped Snape. Lupin explains that Pettigrew betrayed Harry's parents, not Sirius. Sirius was supposed to be the Secret Keeper, but he persuaded Lily and James to secretly switch it to Pettigrew as a decoy.

Lupin and Sirius decide to force Scabbers to show his true form. Finally, Ron agrees. They take Scabbers and transform him into Peter Pettigrew. Pettigrew is initially pleased to see his two old friends, but they angrily confront him and accuse him of betraying the Potters. He claims he only lived as a rat because he was terrified of Sirius escaping from Azkaban. Even though, as Lupin points out, no-one assumed for twelve years that this was possible. Hermione asks why 'Scabbers' never attacked Harry despite sleeping in the same room. Sirius suggests that Pettigrew only served Voldemort out of cowardice and didn't mind being with the 'good guys' if Voldemort was gone.

Hermione also asks Sirius how he really escaped from Azkaban. Sirius explains that he stayed sane because he knew he was innocent. This was not a happy thought, so the Dementors could not suck it out. He could also avoid being overwhelmed by the Dementors by transforming into a dog. The Dementors could not sense him as a dog, as dogs have far less complex emotions than humans. But he was weak and could not muster the will to escape until the day he saw the newspaper article. Realising that Peter was staying with Harry in Hogwarts, Sirius gained a resolve to escape. Again, this was not a happy thought so the Dementors could not suck it out. He transformed into a dog and was thin enough to slip through the bars. He then escaped and swam to the mainland, before travelling to Hogwarts.

Finally, Sirius explains why he never told Lupin that he switched Secret Keepers: they knew there was a spy in their midst, and he thought it was Lupin. In fact, Lupin suspected Sirius. They both agree to forgive each other, then get ready to kill Pettigrew. Pettigrew pleads for his life. Harry suggests a better plan. He thinks James would not want to see Lupin and Sirius become killers, and argues that the only way to get Sirius exonerated is take Pettigrew to the castle and hand him to justice. Sirius and Lupin agree. They leave the Shrieking Shack, also taking the still-unconscious Snape.
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