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Hermione's decision to turn the Firebolt in has caused a rift between her and with Harry and Ron. Term resumes and Lupin arranges with Harry the first of a series of anti-Dementor lessons that [[Recap/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkabanC10TheMaraudersMap he promised earlier]]. After they leave, Ron wonders what the matter is with Lupin. Hermione says she knows, but she won't tell them.

Harry has his first anti-Dementor lesson. A Dementor can be repelled with a Patronus Charm, an advanced magic spell that requires great force of mind. A weak Patronus will be a silvery cloud, while a powerful one will take the form of an animal. He tells Harry to think of a happy memory as he casts it. They practice using a Boggart, which turns to a Dementor when Harry is around. On the first two attempts, Harry fails to cast a spell and ends up fainting after hearing his parents dying again. [[RuleOfThree He is lucky on the third time]], casting a cloud-like Patronus that keeps the Boggart!Dementor away and stops him from hearing his parents dying. The effort drains him greatly, so Lupin puts the Boggart away and concludes the lesson.

In Quidditch, Gryffindor are still contenders for the cup, although they can't to lose another match. Over the next few weeks, Harry is being drained by Quidditch practice (he still doesn't have his own broom) and anti-Dementor lessons. Hermione is even more drained, and Ron is mystified that she seems to be attending more than one class at the same time. After a few weeks of anti-Dementor lessons, Harry is frustrated by his lack of progress and is struggling to produce anything more than a silvery cloud, which drains him greatly.

During one lesson, he asks Lupin what's under a Dementor's hood. Lupin explains that a Dementor would only lower its hood to give the "Dementor's Kiss". It would suck out a person's soul, a FateWorseThanDeath leaving them as an EmptyShell. The Ministry have lately given the Dementors permission to use it against Sirius Black. After the lesson ends, he meets [=McGonagall=]. She gives him back his Firebolt, which appears to be jinx-free: "You've got a very good friend somewhere, Potter." Harry and Ron return to the common room, where everyone admires the Firebolt. Harry and Ron seem ready to reconcile with Hermione...and then Ron returns in anger. Scabbers is gone, and left in his place is some blood and cat hairs.
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