History Recap / HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenixC7TheMinistryOfMagic

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Harry leaves and heads out to his hearing. Arthur Weasley takes him to the Ministry of Magic. They walk in through the Atrium, pass through security and travel in a lift down to the Law Enforcement department, where Arthur works. Arthur meets Kingsley but they pretend not to know each other. ''The Quibbler'' is also mentioned for the first time. In Arthur's office, he receives reports of a regurgitating toilet, a prank played on Muggles by a wizard prankster. Then Arthur's colleague Perkins arrives and reveals that the time of the hearing has been changed. It's in one of the old courtrooms - and it's ''now''. Arthur takes Harry down to the basement of the Ministry. They race down the corridor leading to the Department of Mysteries and then turn down towards the courtrooms. Harry gets to the courtroom and heads into the hearing.
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