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Sirius explains that 12 Grimmauld Place was his family's house. He admits that like Harry, he is frustrated with being cooped up in a house all summer (unlike Harry, he hasn't even been able to go outdoors). Harry again meets Ron's oldest brother Bill, who has returned from working abroad, and Mundugus. Mundungus is a petty thief who belongs to the Order because [[BunnyEarsLawyer it's quite useful to have one on board]], and who has taken an interest in the silverware.

Everyone left in the house has dinner. Sirius starts a debate on how much information Harry needs to know about what the Order is up to. Sirius is the keenest to get Harry informed; [[MyBelovedSmother Mrs Weasley tries to hold them back]]. Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the twins want to know things as well. Eventually, Mrs Weasley agrees to let them discuss it with all of them except Ginny, [[FieryRedhead who does not go quietly]]. And then the briefing begins.

Voldemort's return did not go quite according to plan. Harry escaped and left to tell Dumbledore, allowing him to re-found the Order. Voldemort is currently lying low, gathering followers. The Order are trying to stop him, but the Ministry is getting in their way. They've been busy undermining Dumbledore, taking away his honours and positions. In the mean time, the Order suspect that Voldemort is after something else, which Sirius says is "like a weapon". Mrs Weasley returns and they agree to divulge no more information. Everyone leaves and Harry heads to bed.
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