History Recap / HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenixC38TheSecondWarBegins

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Ron and Hermione are recovering from their injuries in the hospital wing. Neville, Ginny and Luna had their injuries healed quickly. Together with Harry, they are visiting Ron and Hermione in the hospital wing. ''The Daily Prophet'' has announced the return of Voldemort and is hailing Dumbledore and Harry as heroes. Dumbledore has got his positions back. Umbridge is also lying in the hospital wing, and appears to be traumatised by [[NoodleIncident whatever retaliation the centaurs inflicted on her]]. With her dislodged, the school is settling back to normal.

Harry decides to head off to Hagrid's. On the way he meets Malfoy, who is enraged that Harry has landed his father in Azkaban. They almost end up attacking each other, but are stopped by Snape. Professor McGonagall then returns to the school and awards Gryffindor 250 points for informing the wizarding world of Voldemort's return. Harry goes to see Hagrid. Hagrid tries to comfort Harry over Sirius's death but Harry instead finds it uncomfortable. He wanders off around the grounds, unable to shake off his grief about Sirius or his worry about the destiny he has to face.

Some days later, Ron and Hermione leave the hospital wing. Umbridge leaves a few days later. She tries to leave quietly, but it turns into a HumiliationConga after she meets Peeves, who gleefully chases her out in front of a delighted crowd of students. Harry does not feel like attending the end-of-term feast and instead starts packing away his stuff. He finds a package that was given to him by Sirius [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenixC24Occlumency at the end of the Christmas break]]. It turns out to be a mirror that Sirius meant to use to contact Harry. Harry tries to use it to speak to Sirius, but it doesn't work. In frustration, Harry drops it into his trunk and it shatters.

Still searching for some form of consolation, Harry goes off in search of one of the castle ghosts. He finds Nearly Headless Nick and asks him why certain people become ghosts. Nick says that only wizards can become ghosts, and he chose to remain behind because he was scared of death. Harry wants to believe that Sirius may have come back as a ghost, but Nick says that Sirius would have "gone on". Harry walked away dejected and runs into Luna, who is looking for possessions that have been hidden away by pranksters. Harry remembers that Luna can see Thestrals and asks if she's ever lost someone she knew. Luna says that when she was 9, she saw her mother being killed when an experiment she was carrying out went wrong. She says she still feels sad sometimes about her mother's death, but she still has her father and believes in an afterlife.

On the journey back from Hogwarts, several DA members thwart another attempt by Malfoy and his friends to attack Harry. Harry briefly sees Cho and she shies away. Ginny mentions that she is now dating Dean Thomas, while her ex-boyfriend Michael Corner is dating Cho. Harry is not bothered about this at all. At King's Cross station, he is greeted by a gang of Order members led by Moody. The Order members meet with the Dursleys and warn them to treat Harry well during the summer.
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