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Fred and George might have gone, but the school is in a state of open rebellion against Umbridge. Pranks and rule-breaking have becoming widespread, the other teachers are perfectly content to let it happen, and Umbridge's allies (Filch and the 'Inquisitorial Squad') keep getting overwhelmed or hexed. Students regularly force their way out of her classes with Skiving Snackboxes, and Peeves is causing more chaos than ever. Hermione is interested to know where Fred and George got the money from and wonders if it was through dodgy activities. Harry finally decides to drop his secret, that he gave them his Triwizard earnings.

Harry is busy with preparing for exams and is either too stressed or busy to practice Occlumency. Hermione and Ron are not fully convinced he is avoiding having dreams about the Department of Mysteries. These suspicions are entirely correct; the previous night, he travelled further into the place than ever. He found himself wandering among the room full of shelves of spheres, turning into the 97th row.

Surprisingly, Gryffindor are back in contention for the Quidditch Cup. Slytherin narrowly lose to Hufflepuff, so a decent Gryffindor win could put them ahead, although this isn't expected due to Ron's poor record. Cho Chang is also playing, though Harry is not sure if he's still keen to try any more romance with her. The match does not get off to a good start, with Ron conceding his first goal and the Slytherins taunting him again. However, Harry and Hermione don't see much else, because Hagrid calls them away. He fears Umbridge will drive him out of the school any moment, and this seems the only time he can show them a vital secret.

They venture into the forest. Hagrid introduces them to Grawp, his giant half-brother that he has been hiding in the forest ever since his return. Hermione questions if this really ever was a good idea, but he was being bullied by the other giants (at 16 feet high, he is a runt by giant standards). It has been Grawp who has been causing all his injuries, while Hagrid has been struggling with trying to teach him English. He tells them that while Grawp will fend for himself, he wants someone to keep Grawp company if he has to flee. After Grawp nearly seizes Hermione, Hagrid decides they should go. They are confronted on the way out by centaurs, who are furious with Hagrid. The herd were enraged that Firenze agreed to teach Divination to humans, so they tried to kill him, but he was rescued by Hagrid. They let Hagrid go because he is being accompanied by children.

They return to the stadium, where the match has just concluded. Hermione is in disbelief at what Hagrid is asking them to do. They hear the Slytherin taunt song, only this time the lyrics seem different. It's a new version, adapted by the Gryffindors to celebrate the fact that Ron has done quite well. Gryffindor have won the game and the Cup.
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