History Recap / HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenixC21TheEyeOfTheSnake

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Hagrid teaches his first Care of Magical Creatures lesson since returning. He introduces them to Thestrals. It turns out that these are the uncanny winged horses that [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenixC10LunaLovegood Harry saw pulling the carriages at the start of term]]. They are invisible to humans unless they have seen someone die. Umbridge arrives to inspect the lesson. She immediately makes it clear that she's not going to be fair to Hagrid.

They have their last DA lesson of the term. The class have got very good at some key defensive spells, and Neville in particular has made great strides. As the class files out, Cho meets with Harry. She seems to want to talk to him again about Cedric, her former boyfriend. She admits her feelings for Harry and they kiss under the mistletoe, though she cries while they do it. Back at the Common Room, he discusses it with Ron and Hermione. Hermione says that Cho is still upset about Cedric's death, and her unresolved feelings about Cedric are clashing with her feelings for Harry. It all seems very confusing to Harry and Ron. Harry thinks about dating Cho, while hoping that it would at least cheer her up.

That night, he at first has a surreal dream about Cho and the DA, before the dream changes. He dreams he is a snake slithering down a corridor towards a locked door, who then rears up and bites Arthur Weasley. He wakes up, feeling sick and with a searing pain in his scar. Neville fetches [=McGonagall=] for help. He tells her and Ron that Mr Weasley has been bitten. Luckily, [=McGonagall=] believes him, and she tells him to come with her to see Dumbledore.
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