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It's the first day of term. Harry is still in a grouchy mood. Hermione mentions that like Seamus, Lavender believes the Ministry's smear campaign. She laments that Hogwarts is already become divided, especially as it was something Dumbledore and the Sorting Hat have lately warned against. She is also angry to see Fred and George trying to recruit other students to test their joke shop products on.

At breakfast, Harry meets Angelina Johnson, the new captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. She mentions that the team need a new keeper. They are soon joined by Fred and George. The twins talk about their plans for starting a joke shop, almost letting slip that Harry gave them a big donation to finance it. They argue that Harry's year will be having their most intense year of study, due to the upcoming [=OWL=] exams. After an (as usual) extremely boring History of Magic class, Harry meets with Cho while moving between lessons. His awkward attempt to start a conversation with her, a girl he fancies, gets interrupted by Ron tactlessly criticising the Quidditch team she supports. Meanwhile, Snape is as harsh to Harry as ever in Potions, while Divination is not much better. Harry, Ron and Hermione seem to keep bickering among each other.

It's not turning out to be a good day, but worse is to come. Their last lesson of the day is with the new Professor Umbridge. She announces to the class that they will be following "a carefully structured, theory-centred Ministry-approved course". After an introduction, she tells them to spend the rest of the lesson in silence reading a textbook.

Hermione doesn't read it, and simply sits there with her hand in the air. Eventually, Umbridge realises she can't ignore her. Hermione asks why the course aims did not mention anything about "using" magic. Umbridge is dismissive of the idea that they would need to learn defensive spells. Even though, as Parvati points out, they actually have to do practical magic as part of their [=OWL=] exam. She tells them that should accept the curriculum because the Ministry say so. Harry then asks how they are supposed to defend themselves from threats in the outside world, not least because Voldemort is back. Umbridge says this is a lie. Their argument ends with her giving him a week's worth of detentions, taking away house points and sending him to [=McGonagall's=] office.

[=McGonagall=] is not cross with Harry but warns him against getting on the wrong side of Umbridge. Particularly as the Ministry are backing her.
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