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Two hooded witches apparate into a run-down mill town. It's Narcissa Malfoy, Draco's mother, and Bellatrix Lestrange, his aunt. Narcissa is running over to meet someone, but Bellatrix is trying to hold her back, saying the person is untrustworthy. They arrive at a street called Spinner's End and reach the house of Severus Snape. Wormtail is also there. Voldemort has sent Wormtail around to assist Snape, so Snape is using him as a servant.

Narcissa is clearly disturbed and wants to talk to Snape about something, but they are interrupted by Bellatrix. She thinks Snape is in league with Dumbledore, for many reasons. So Snape takes the time to answer her questions. Firstly, he points out that Voldemort had questioned him even more, and would have killed Snape if he thought he was untrustworthy. And being powerful at Legilimens, he can nearly always tell if someone is lying.
*Where he was at Voldemort's previous downfall: Snape says he was serving as a spy for Voldemort at Hogwarts, on Voldemort's orders.
*Why he didn't go looking for Voldemort after his downfall: Snape says he thought Voldemort was dead, like the majority of Death Eaters. Indeed, very few went looking for him after his death.
*Why did he do nothing but work for Dumbledore in the years Voldemort was absent: Snape says that he was content to work in a comfortable job, with Dumbledore keeping him out of Azkaban. Voldemort did not resent this, as when he returned Snape could provide him with 16 years of information. Snape says he suspects that Dumbledore's trust had one limit: he has never been allowed to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts. He tells them he suspects that Dumbledore thinks it would tempt him back into his old ways.
*Why he stopped Quirrell and Voldemort from taking the Philosopher's Stone: Voldemort feared that Snape had turned against him and did not reveal himself to Snape. Snape thus had no idea that Quirrell was working for Voldemort. As far as Snape was concerned, Quirrell was just an unworthy thief, so he worked against him.
*Why he did join Voldemort when he returned: Turning up straight away would have made Dumbledore suspicious. [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheGobletOfFireC36ThePartingOfTheWays So he travelled out a short while afterwards]]. Snape says he has been serving as a spy for Voldemort against Dumbledore and the Order ever since.
*Where he was when the Death Eaters were [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenixC35BeyondTheVeil trying to take the prophecy:]] He was still at Hogwarts. Had he turned up at the battle to fight with the Death Eaters, the Order would have surely noticed.
*Why he has never given away the location of the Order headquarters: He can't as he's not their Secret Keeper. He has however, given information he gave helped the Death Eaters kill Emmeline Vance and Sirius Black.
*Why he hasn't killed Harry Potter: Snape would not dare break Dumbledore's trust. In addition, he was at first curious as to whether Harry had survived Voldemort because he was himself a great dark wizard, although now he considers Harry to have abilities that are too mediocre to be a threat to Voldemort. In any case, Voldemort does not resent that Snape killed Harry Potter, as that way he could use Harry's blood to regenerate himself.
Bellatrix isn't satisfied but is at least placated enough that she stops openly doubting his loyalty. Snape turns to Narcissa to hear what she wants to talk about.

Narcissa is distressed. Draco has been asked to do a dangerous task by Voldemort. Snape says there is no hope of persuading Voldemort to change his mind. They both agree that Voldemort does not expect Draco to succeed, and he may likely be killed trying. Instead, Voldemort deliberately wants to distress Narcissa and Lucius, as revenge for the failure to obtain the prophecy (an operation that Lucius was in charge of). Snape suspects that Voldemort will want him to step in and complete it if Draco fails.

Snape agrees to make an "Unbreakable Vow" to help Draco. With Bellatrix acting as a necessary third participant, the spell is cast. Snape vows to watch over Draco as he attempts the task, to protect him from harm and to finish the task if Draco fails.
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