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The sixth installment of the HarryPotter series begins with the revelation that the muggles aren't ''totally'' unaware of the existence of the magical world. In fact, it seems that on the first day of office the British Prime Minister gets a visit from the ''magical'' Prime Minister, where they're informed about the whole wizards and witches thing, and reminded not to tell since who's going to believe them, anyway?

The current, unnamed Prime Minister has spent the majority of his term trying to desperately to ignore the magical world, and who can blame him? Every year or so Cornelius Fudge would pop in, deliver some terrible news about an escaped mass criminal or imported Sphinxes and dragons, all the while acting like the most condescending and smug person in the world.

But unfortunately, Fudge has returned once again, and lays out the current state of affairs quite clearly. The wizarding world is at war. Sirius Black, who wasn't evil after all, is dead. Voldemort is most definitely back. Death Eaters are killing Ministry officials and muggles alike. The dementors have gone rogue, and are spreading despair across the country. Giants are going on murderous rampages through cities. Fudge has been sacked, in a desperate attempt by the Ministry to keep a grip on the situation.

Terrified and barely comprehending, the Prime Minister asks how this could all be happening: after all, don't they have magic to fix this all?

Fudge replies, "Trouble is, they have magic too."
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