History Recap / HarryPotterAndTheGobletOfFireC23TheYuleBall

4th Apr '17 1:37:38 PM JohnPrestwick
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It's the Christmas holidays. Hermione is still not saying who she's going out with. Oddly, she's also had her teeth straightened. Soon, Christmas arrives. Dobby is there to give presents. He reveals his obsession with socks, though he's not nearly as interested in keeping them matched. The ball takes place that evening. Harry and Parvati join the three other champion couples. To Harry's surprise, Krum's partner is Hermione, [[SheCleansUpNicely pretty and almost unrecognisable when she's dressed for the ball]]. Ron looks even more shocked.

They sit down for food. Harry is surprised to realise that Mr Crouch is not present, he's sent Percy (now promoted to being his assistant) in his place. Percy says that his boss is exhausted and unwell. Meanwhile, when talking to Karkaroff, Dumbledore recounts a story about finding [[ChekhovsGun a room in Hogwarts]] that he didn't know existed. When looking for the toilet, he found a room filled with chamberpots, but he hasn't been able to find it since. Then the dance begins, to music by the wizard's band the Weird Sisters. Despite knowing little about dancing, Harry holds on without really embarrassing himself. He finishes pretty quickly, leaving Parvati to go off with another boy to dance with.

Ron meets with Hermione. She says that Krum had been coming to the library often to see her, but had only lately summoned the courage to ask her out. Ron her off for dating someone from a rival school and she ends up storming off after the argument. Fred and George are seen trying to get hold of Bagman, but he dodges them. Harry and Ron head out for a walk out in the castle grounds. While out, they overhear two conversations:
*The first is between Snape and Karkaroff. Karkaroff is worried about something that's been "getting clearer" for months. He can't understand why Snape seems entirely unconcerned by it. Snape tells Karkaroff to "flee" if he's so worried, but that he has not intention of leaving Hogwarts.
*The second is between Hagrid and Maxime. Hagrid is revealing that he's a half-giant, with a human father and a giantess mother whom he never really knew. Harry tries to ignore it but he can't. Hagrid guesses that Maxime is also a half-giant, but she is insulted by the suggestion and storms away. Harry is not fussed by the revelation, but Ron is and Harry realises that most wizards ''would'' be fussed. Ron says afterwards that it is "no wonder he keeps it quiet", because wizards view the giants as being vicious beasts.
As the Yule Ball draws to a close, Cedric comes over to Harry. [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheGobletOfFireC20TheFirstTask To return the favour Harry gave him during the first task]], Cedric gives Harry a hint for the second task: open the egg underwater. So Harry can have a place to investigate it without disturbance, Cedric gives him the password for the prefects' bathroom.
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