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Before joining the celebrations, Harry sends off a letter to Sirius to tell him he passed the First Task. Then he arrives at the celebrations in the Common Room. They also take a look at the golden egg that serves as a clue to the next task. Unfortunately, the egg does nothing but give off a screaming noise if it's opened. Meanwhile, Fred tells Hermione how to get in to the kitchens to visit the house elves.

Lessons continue, now much more fun given that Harry's reconciled with Ron and no longer such an outcast. In Hagrid's classes, there are now only ten Skrewts left, though that's still ten more than the class would rather be dealing with, especially as they're now six feet long. Hagrid gets the class to see if the Skrewts are wanting to hibernate. After many cuts, burns and commotion, it becomes apparent that they do not hibernate. Rita Skeeter arrives and takes an interest in Hagrid's NoOSHACompliance lesson, taking him aside to arrange an interview.

Hermione takes Harry and Ron down to the kitchen, where she has something to show him. It's a huge room filled with legions of house elves. It's Dobby, whom Harry [[Recap/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecretsC18DobbysReward last saw after setting him free from the Malfoys]]. Dobby and Winky have taken up paid employment at Hogwarts, something almost unprecedented for house elves and therefore something that the other house elves view with suspicion. Dobby is content, but Winky is still unhappy at being separated from Crouch. When Bagman is mentioned, Winky calls him a "bad wizard". After the Trio leave, they wonder why she said this. It suggests Crouch looks down on Bagman. Bagman's not famed for being competent, but perhaps she's suggesting that he has something to hide?
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