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Later that week, they arrive for their first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson with Professor Moody. Under Lupin, the class has largely covers dark creatures, so they will next be moving on to curses. Moody reveals that his magical eye can see through solid objects. He then asks the class what the three "Unforgivable Curses" are:
*[[{{Brainwashed}} The Imperius Curse]]: Moody demonstrates by placing the curse on a spider and then making it do complex gymnastics and dances. It places total control on the victim, although some wizards can fight it. During Voldemort's previous reign of terror, he and the Death Eaters used the Imperius Curse to get innocent people to do their work, and the Ministry were often unsure who was under control and who was acting on their own free will.
*[[AgonyBeam The Cruciatus Cruse]]: Mentioned by Neville, which is odd considering he rarely volunteers information in classes other than Herbology. Moody enlarges a spider and places the curse on it, causing it to twitch in pain. Hermione stops him after seeing a horrified reaction from Neville. Moody explains that the Cruciatus Curse is probably the most effective way of causing pain and torture, and was also very popular among the Death Eaters.
*[[DeathRay The Killing Curse]], Avada Kedavra: Moody casts the spell on a spider. A beam of green light hits it and it keels over, unmarked but dead. As Moody explains, it takes some powerful magic to actually make it work. No spell can block it, and only one person has been known to survive a hit from it Harry Potter.
After the lesson finishes, Neville is still a nervous state after seeing the Cruciatus Curse demonstrated. Moody takes Neville away to cheer him up. Neville comes back with a book called ''Magical Mediterranean Water-Plants and their Properties'', a gift from Moody who had heard Neville was good at Herbology.

Back at their dormitory, [[SoapboxSadie Hermione]] reveals she plans to set up an organisation to campaign for the rights of house elves. It's called the Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare, or [[FunWithAcronyms "S.P.E.W." for short]]. She automatically signs Harry and Ron up as members, despite their obvious reluctance. The awkwardness of the moment is broken by the arrival of Hedwig. She delivers a message from Sirius. Having heard about Harry's scar and the recent fishy events going on, Sirius is heading back in the direction of Hogwarts. Harry is disturbed that Sirius is putting himself in danger again.
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