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Harry enters the Chamber of Secrets. Ginny is lying there, unconscious. Riddle's diary is there too. Then Harry meets an apparition of Tom Riddle. Riddle describes himself as being a "memory" who has become partly alive. He initially assumes Riddle is there to help. But Riddle is acting oddly. He doesn't seem worried about the basilisk, and he's taken Harry's wand. Riddle explains that during the past school year, Ginny had been writing in his diary and communicating with him. By sharing her deepest secrets with him, she made herself vulnerable to him. In the end, she grew so attached to the enchanted diary that Riddle was able to start possessing her. That way, he could make her open the Chamber of Secrets, strangle the roosters, control the basilisk and attack other students.

Eventually, Ginny realised something was wrong and she threw the diary away. To Riddle's delight, it ended up in Harry's hands. Riddle then showed him the memory of him framing Hagrid for opening the Chamber of Secrets. It turns out that actually, Riddle was the Heir of Slytherin. He knew it would not be safe to open the Chamber after that, so he preserved his 16-year old self in the diary. Harry tells him that he has not succeeded this time, because the basilisk victims are about to be woken up. Riddle replies that he is no longer interested in attacking Muggle-borns, but wants to know something about Harry.

He was disappointed when Ginny stole the diary back from Harry, fearful of what he might find. Ginny had told him that Harry was unravelling the mystery. So he decided to get her to write the second message on the wall and then sent her down into the Chamber. He now turns on Harry and wants to know how he survived being attacked as a baby by Voldemort. Harry wonders why Riddle would care, as this was after his time. Only then does the true threat that Riddle poses become apparent: he reveals that "Tom Marvolo Riddle" is an anagram of "I am Lord Voldemort", calling himself "the greatest sorceror in the world."

Unsure how to respond, Harry response by telling him that Dumbledore is the greatest sorceror in the world. Riddle reminds him that Dumbledore has been driven out, but Harry responds by saying that Dumbledore hasn't really gone. Immediately, Fawkes the phoenix turns up, bringing the Sorting Hat. Dumbledore appears to have sent help. Riddle laughs at how useless the help appears to be. Harry explains that he survived being attacked by the later Voldemort because his mother died to save him. Riddle, who is becoming increasingly more solid in appearance, then summons the basilisk.

The basilisk chases Harry but is distracted by Fawkes, who is immune to its deadly gaze. Fawkes [[EyeScream scratches out the snake's eyes]]. Harry puts the Sorting Hat on his head and a sword appears inside it. Taking the sword, he fights the basilisk. He eventually manages to stab it and kill it, but is bitten on the arm. Though the basilisk is dead, Harry is dying too. But not to worry. Fawkes flies over and cures the bite with his tears. Riddle realises too late that Harry is cured. He drives Fawkes away, and seems about to attack Harry with his wand. Fawkes then drops Harry the diary. Harry stabs it with the poisonous fang, causing Riddle to vanish.

Ginny wakes up. She gets up, fearful that she will be expelled for her actions and explaining that she had meant to confess to Harry earlier that day, when she was stopped by Percy. She, Harry and Fawkes exit the chamber, taking the Hat and the sword. They reunite with Ron, who has cleared a gap in the tunnel blockage, and Lockhart, who is unable to remember anything thanks to the backfired spell. As phoenixes can carry heavy loads, Fawkes is able to bring them all back to the surface. Fawkes then leads them to [=McGonagall's office=].
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