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On the bright side, it seems that other students have now stopped suspecting that Harry is behind the attacks. In a Herbology class, Ernie and a few of the Hufflepuffs apologise for suspecting him. Harry notices a line of spiders walking away. They realise the spiders are heading to the Forbidden Forest. They agree to head into the forest that night.

Harry and Ron sneak out of the castle again. They take Fang and head out into the forest, following spiders that are also heading in. They hear what sounds like a mysterious beast approaching. It turns out to be Mr Weasley's car, which appears to have become sentient and is now roaming the forest like a wild animal. They are then grabbed by giant spiders (acromantulas) and marched through the forest, taking into a hollow where their colony is based.

The spiders take them to their leader Aragog. They tell Aragog that they are friends of Hagrid and that Hagrid is in trouble because of the Chamber of Secrets attacks. Aragog explains that he was Hagrid's pet spider who was falsely assumed to be Slytherin's monster. He was kept in a cupboard and never attacked anyone, whereas the girl the monster killed was found dead in a bathroom. Harry asks what the real monster was. It seems though that the spiders are too terrified of the creature to admit what it is. Harry tells them they will head out. Aragog says they can't. He says he can stop his colony from attacking Hagrid, but cannot stop them from attacking anyone else.

The spiders surround them, but Mr Weasley's car comes charging into the hollow and offers them an escape. It takes them out of the forest. Leaving Fang behind, they head back to the castle and their dormitory. They are unsure about many things, but they are sure now that the culprit wasn't Hagrid. As they try to sleep, Harry has a sudden thought. What if the girl who the monster killed as Moaning Myrtle?
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