History Recap / BurnNoticeS6E7Reunion

8th Sep '13 11:52:08 AM violettglass
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Fiona has just been released from prison in time to help a vengeful Michael track Rebecca. Naturally Rebecca is Michael's lead suspect in Anson's killing. Obviously all the team plan to help find Nate's killer but Elsa, Sam's girlfriend asks her to talk to her obnoxious son Evan who has jsut stolen a valuable bracelet from her. It turns out she had to cut him off but she's worried about him and the bad crowd she hangs out with.

Sam and Jesse go to see Evan and end up having to pose as his accomplices for a job stealing a truck full of champagne for his boss Morris. They accomplish this quickly but the truck turns out to be a mobile drug lab and Sam and Jesse realise Morris isn't going to let them live.

They eventually escape when they get Mike to pose as a dirty cop who tells the drug dealers where to find their stolen truck and Morris is killed by their angry leader.

Mike and Fi track Rebecca and exchange fire but she gets away. However when they get back to the loft she's waiting for them and she says Michael can kill her but she isn't the one who killed Nate and Anson. Michael believes her and lets her walk out.

The episode ends with the gang and Maddy at Nate's funeral.
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