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* Music/WeirdAlYankovic's "Truck Driving" song plays this for laughs, with the song starting out talking about a manly truck driver... who wears high heels and various other feminine accessories.
* Creator/MontyPython's "The Lumberjack Song".
* Music/JohnnyCash's "A Boy Named Sue" is a country music song about [[CaptainObvious a boy named Sue]] by his absent father. In it, Sue hunts down his absent father to find out why and learns it was done specifically so Sue would grow up strong, which he did, thanks to constant fights with bullies.
* Music/{{Manowar}}'s cover of "[[{{Opera}} Nessun Dorma]]". It works surprisingly well.
* Cam'ron, a rapper with subject matter consisting of crack sales and gangsta lifestyles, began the whole pink phase in Hip Hop. Initially people mocked his style before swagger jacking it completely. Soon after it became uncool and thankfully died. Ironically Cam'ron was one of the first to stop wearing pink.
* An unnamed rogue in a song from {{Cranius}} has this. The entire song and video is about how most rogues prefer to kill all day, but he would rather be out picking flowers.
* Music/BradPaisley's "I'm Still A Guy" is either a {{Deconstruction}} of this trope, or evidence that he's unaware of its existence. The song is largely about the narrator feeling persecuted because he still holds onto traditionally masculine traits while the culture turns against them.
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