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->'''[[Anime/{{Zambot 3}} Killer the Butcher]]''': It's a good day! Gizzar! Bring me wine! We drink to the Emperor of Vega!\\ '''Gizzar''': Gyoy, Butcher!\\ '''Killer''': Bareta, prepare me a new Mechaboost!\\ '''Bareta''': Gyoy, Butcher.\\ '''Killer''': All belongs to Gaizock. To me, Killer the Butcher.\\ '''Killer''': Hoh hoh hoh! Resist me with all your might, earthlings!\\ '''Killer''': Hoh hoh hoh hoh! Mwohohohohohoho!\\ '''[[Anime/UFORoboGrendizer Gandal]]''': (Emperor Vega, this man... he's too dangerous...)\\ '''Emperor Vega''': (Mm. Yes, we may have signed a deal with the devil.)\\ '''Killer''': Hoh hohohoho! Bwohohohohohohohohohoho! -->--''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsZ''
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----->'''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam Gundam]]''': Truly you {{Super Robot}}s are really absurd. ->'''[[Anime/UFORoboGrendizer Grendizer]]''': What? And what for? ->'''Gundam''': Come on! You never run out of ammo or power! [[HeroesPreferSwords You pull out swords]] [[TelescopingRobot from all over your body]] and you shoot [[ChestBlaster massive]] [[EyeBeams disintegrator]] [[FrickinLaserBeams beams]]! [[KineticWeaponsAreJustBetter You are unable to use a normal rifle]]! [[RocketPunch You shoot your fists! YOUR. FISTS]]! ->'''Gundam''': And then [[TransformingMEcha all those impossible transformations]] and [[CombiningMecha your approximate design]]! It is hard to understand even how you can bend your joints! ->'''Grendizer''' (bending its forearm): Hey! It's right! ->'''Gundam''': [[{{Robeast}} Giant monsters]] and [[AlienInvasion horrible aliens]]! Endless {{Fanservice}}! [[WhamEpisode Incredible plot twists]] and collective laughter at sunset! Come on...! ->'''Grendizer''' and '''Gundam''': Hahahahahaha! ->{{Beat}} ->'''Grendizer''': In short, you're envious... ->''Gundam''': To die for! -->-- '''Italian Webcomic''' ''NoiRobot'' [[http://www.thesparker.com/noirobot/]]", "Episode 16: [[http://www.thesparker.com/noirobot/pagina.php?id=16&img=noirobot16_normal.jpg&next=noirobot16_normal.jpg How Irrealistic!]]", arguing the differences between a SuperRobot and a RealRobot (and lampshading StopHavingFunGuys) (Spanish translation [[http://www.cartelesfalsos.com/cf/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Noi-Robot-16-by_thesparker-Espaņol.jpg here]]) ---- <<|QuotesWiki|>>
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