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30th May '16 5:09:39 PM BeeKirbysNewComputer
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-->--Skips, ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow''


-->--Skips, ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow''''WesternAnimation/RegularShow''

->Hey, everybody. Watch out for those flying noodles. 'Cause if you don't do well here, [[CoolAndUnusualPunishment all you get to eat are noodles.]] Here we go.
-->--Food Court Announcer, ''VideoGame/ParappaTheRapper 2''
5th Nov '12 7:19:00 PM universalperson
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->''[[YouFool You fools!]]'' Destroyer of Worlds ''will kill us all!''
-->--Skips, ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow''
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