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History Quotes / JerryGoldsmith

4th Jul '14 3:01:44 PM undertroper
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->''"Without Jerry, film music would probably be in a different place than it is now. I think he, more than any other composer bridged the gap between the old Hollywood scoring style and the the [sic] modern film composer."''
-->--'''Marco Beltrami''', composer, ''Franchise/{{SCream}}''
3rd Mar '13 5:48:52 PM Xtifr
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->''"The happiest phase of picture making comes with the blending of the music and dramatic content. In my opinion, Jerry has no peer in the understanding and pursuance of both. He is an artist who meets all the demands upon the composer in film. His music stands by itself as a musical entity."''
-->--'''Franklin J. Schaffner''', director, ''Film/{{Patton}}''

->''"His chameleon adaptability was a prerequisite to longevity and success in Hollywood. We used to call him Gorgeous. He was the golden boy, a beautiful presence. His music had a freshness, and he had a freshness."''
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