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[[folder:The Ballad of the End of the Game of Freddy Pharkas]]
-->''Now the whole town still remembers''
-->''How the old schoolhouse was blown to embers''
-->''Though Miss Primm's body was never, ever found.''
-->''Since the sheriff and the banker''
-->''Made the folks of Coarsegold red with anger,''
-->''They tarred and feathered and ran 'em out of town.''

-->''And Srini? He became an ordinary Rexall tepee shaman''
-->''Down on the Pecos, where Injun hearts still burn.''
-->''While the townsfolk, safe from danger''
-->''Talk about that silver-earlobed stranger:''
-->''Where did he come from?''
-->''And when will he return?''

-->''Pharkas, Freddy Pharkas.''
-->''Black gold fields were his legacy.''
-->''Freddy Pharkas, Freddy Pharkas.''
-->''Peerless, earless and free!''
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