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History Quotes / CynicismCatalyst

23rd Sep '13 1:46:55 PM nighttrainfm
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->''Karl was a good mage. A good man. It goes against all Chantry law to make him [[EmptyShell Tranquil]].''
-->-- '''Anders''', ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII''
20th Feb '13 8:39:35 AM SeptimusHeap
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->'''Edward Dakota:''' I asked her to come in off the ledge and into my arms. She asked me why she should bother living.\\
'''Paris Nevada:''' What did you say?\\
'''Edward Dakota:''' Well I was trained to tell her lots of things. Her dreams and all the people who'd miss her. But for a second, I hesitated. And she saw it. Within that second, I couldn't think of honestly one optimistic thing to say to her. So she spread her arms and jumped. I started getting headaches, and eventually started blacking out. So I filed for medical.
-->-- ''Film/{{Identity}}''
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