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->'''Announcer:''' Buddy Ebsen was originally going to be cast to play The Tin Man. But Unfortunately, He got sick from the makeup he wore from the costume. Here is some images of his Tin-Man costume with the original version of ''If I only had a heart''.
-->-- From the 1989 VHS release of ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''

->'''Announcer:''' The Jitterbugs was a removed dance number during the haunted forest scene. The original motion picture footage no longer exists. But the still footage and the home movies, Along the original soundtrack still remains.
-->-- The introduction to a deleted song from ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'' as featured on the 50th anniversary VHS tape in 1989.
4th Dec '15 2:00:54 PM BuddyBoy600alt
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->'''Weird Al Yankovic:''' Hello, Al Here. Yes, I do look a lot different than what I did in UHF because I shot that movie, (Checks the time on his watch) 10 years ago. Hey! Guess what? It's time to show you the cutscenes!
-->-- Weird Al giving us the introduction to the cutscene from the 1999 DVD release of ''Film/{{UHF}}'' in 1999.

->'''Weird Al Yankovic:''' Do you know why these scenes are cut? Because they SUCKED!!! But did not cut those scenes, You children would get upset and cranky. I know. Like, Who ever wanted me to do love scene.
-->-- Weird Al giving us why they use cutscenes to cut the scene from a movie. Because they suck.
8th Feb '15 7:30:56 AM TheUnsquished
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-->-- ''DMOfTheRings''


-->-- ''DMOfTheRings''''Webcomic/DMOfTheRings''
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