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->'''Weird Al Yankovic:''' Hello, Al Here. Yes, I do look a lot different than what I did in UHF because I shot that movie, (Checks the time on his watch) 10 years ago. Hey! Guess what? It's time to show you the cutscenes!
-->-- Weird Al giving us the introduction to the cutscene from the 1999 DVD release of ''Film/{{UHF}}'' in 1999.

->'''Weird Al Yankovic:''' Do you know why these scenes are cut? Because they SUCKED!!! But did not cut those scenes, You children would get upset and cranky. I know. Like, Who ever wanted me to do love scene.
-->-- Weird Al giving us why they use cutscenes to cut the scene from a movie. Because they suck.
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-->-- ''DMOfTheRings''


-->-- ''DMOfTheRings''''Webcomic/DMOfTheRings''
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