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17th Jan '16 8:41:00 PM MikeW
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* The sequence of Ravenna literally sucking the youth out of a young peasant girl, who ages from twenty to seventy in seconds while held up by the throat. Worse, she's alive afterward, letting a horrified Snow see her in her cell and amazed it's the same woman.
9th May '13 1:11:05 PM Morgenthaler
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* Queen Ravenna herself. Holy hell. She's genuinely creepy as hell at times and one sequence involving her [[spoiler: standing in the fire causing her flesh to be burned off]] is disturbing. It's all [[NightmareRetardant somewhat hampered]] by [[{{Narm}} Charlize Theron's acting]], though. Though reaction to Charlize Theron in the role would indicate a ''lot'' of [[NightmareFetishist Nightmare Fetishists]].
* The dark forest itself.

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