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* After years trapped inside Ravenna's dungeon, Snow White rides through the village that resides near the castle. And it's a [[DarkerAndEdgier far cry]] from the colorful, lively village she knew in her childhood. Like everything else in Ravenna's domain, the village is sapped of life. And the few people who reside there seem so starved, they look at Snow White as though they may rob her or even [[ImAHumanitarian eat her]].
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* The sequence of Ravenna literally sucking the youth out of a young peasant girl, who ages from twenty to seventy in seconds while held up by the throat. Worse, she's alive afterward, letting a horrified Snow see her in her cell and amazed it's the same woman.
9th May '13 1:11:05 PM Morgenthaler
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* Queen Ravenna herself. Holy hell. She's genuinely creepy as hell at times and one sequence involving her [[spoiler: standing in the fire causing her flesh to be burned off]] is disturbing. It's all [[NightmareRetardant somewhat hampered]] by [[{{Narm}} Charlize Theron's acting]], though. Though reaction to Charlize Theron in the role would indicate a ''lot'' of [[NightmareFetishist Nightmare Fetishists]].
* The dark forest itself.

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