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A series about fart curses and demonic zombies ... starring Mario plushes! Hmm ... something strange about that. Anyways ...

* That hooded figure [[spoiler:Who turns out to be Donkey Kong]] ... how he spies on them too. His voice is pretty terrifying as well.
* Oh ... what happens when the fart curse stays for too long. They become zombies! Or even worse ... dead.
** Poor cousin David ...
** Mario resulted in fighting off the curse, but it created a demon version of himself.
*** Speaking of THAT thing ... go watch Episode 10 ... from when it came out of Mario in Episode 7, it was basically a Mario covered in crap. In Episode 10, it looks far worse.
* Bowser's plans to find out a cure for the fart curse. His Koopa assistant suggests some pretty sadistic things ...
* Oh yes, the piranha plant in the desert from Episode 4. Just how he suddenly pops up. The CouchGag in the end shows him too.
** King Toadstool turning into a fart zombie from the same episode is terrifying as hell too.
* Episode 5 gave us a Master Hand, which seems really creepy. Oh yes, the fact you're never supposed to talk to the Master Hand. Thank goodness it saved Mario though.
** [[spoiler:Bowser pissed Master Hand off by stating that he would become a God. Just the mere mention of that ...]] in Episode 12.
* In Episode 6, Bowser decides to gruesomely burn his Koopa assistant alive just because he suggested him to give Yoshi back.
** And his Giga form near the end. The shadow looks terrifying, and our "cloaked figure" friend comes in, saying that it's "interesting".
** Poor goomba in his castle.
* When Mario's fart curse gets worse ... he starts turning brown. Then it just gets terrifying at this.
** "You put me down now or I'm going to kill you."
** "Kill him!!! Kill him ... KILL HIM!!!"
* Fart Zombie Peach ... especially in Episodes 7 and 9. She gives out an extremely childish laugh while running around the castle, while in Episode 9, she basically lures Mario and Yoshi to a devastating trap.
** Oh how she just randomly appears ... and Fart Zombie Toad's appearance just makes it creepier. If it wasn't for [[BigDamnHeroes Yoshi]], Mario would've been one of them.
* Episode 8 gives us a break from the Fart Demons, but Mario cloned THAT many Yoshis just so they could be killed for a cure. Just listening to them scream. At least Mario didn't have to kill his Yoshi.
* This is Episode 9 ... Mario and Yoshi have found a cure for the Fart Curse and are spreading it throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Then when the two come inside the vacant castle, it's completely dark. Fart Zombie Peach lures them in (Which adds more into the terrifying factor), and when they come in the room, it's pitch black ... until ...
** THAT FREAKING SHYGUY APPEARS AGAIN. He turns on the lights ... and as he stabs Yoshi, he reveals himself. Ugh ...
** And we see our Fart Zombie friends ... along with the trapped Mushroom King (A rabid fart zombie).
** And the cloaked figure finally reveals himself ... Donkey Kong. Just seeing him silent like that can freak the shit out of some people.
* Episode 10 is when Mario Plush Forever had to make Viewer Discretion Warnings.
** Mario brutally murdering the Shy Guy by crushing its skull with a fire extinguisher.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMSRFDo2Oq0&feature=relmfu#t=4m8s Poop Mario's true form]] ... good luck sleeping tonight.
*** And how he summons demons ...
** Donkey Kong ... at least he [[FaceHeelTurn realized what he did]], but man he looked creepy. That eyepatch and his voice just make it worse.
** The Mushroom King = Rabid Fart Zombie. The only fart infected zombie to actually attack Donkey Kong. Pretty [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome awesome]] but still creepy, seeing how he could've easily attacked Mario or Yoshi and killed them.
* Episode 11 has two major ones ...
** GIGA. FREAKING. BOWSER. Just ... seeing how he looks ... [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf8-Qv31ElI go watch for yourself]].
** Poop Mario survived the last fight ... and pulled Mario into the moat. Thankfully Donkey Kong pulled him out, but that thing makes Cthulu look friendly.
* Besides of all the violence in Episode 12, we see that [[spoiler:pissing off Master Hand leads to some REALLY REALLY REALLY creepy results]].
** The end ... and [[spoiler:Master Hand's true form]]. Talk about BreakingTheFourthWall.
** [[NightmareRetardant At least]] [[spoiler:Yoshi]] survived.
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