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** Better still because we're used to these as James Bond death traps where the hero somehow escapes. Here, the full implication is that Captain Scarlet [[RealityEnsues doesn't escape]]. He dies, painfully, and respawns.
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* The idea of getting brutally murdered and [[KillAndReplace getting replaced by an alien copy]] without anybody knowing is a bit scary.
* The whole "[[KillEmAll Attack on Cloudbase]]" Episode if you [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation discount the]] [[AllJustADream ending.]]
* Any scene with Captain Black... good God...
* How about the artwork in the end credits? Seeing the hero about to be crushed by closing spiked walls, tied up and sinking while sharks close in for the kill...
* It's surprising that the kids of the 60's who watched this weren't scarred for life at the death toll. At least 6 people die per episode -- people EXPLODE, fall out of airplanes, fall off dams, get crushed by car lifts, get run over, get shot in the ''FACE'', [[WhyAmITicking and turn into living bombs.]]
* Captain Black is Nightmare Fuel incarnate.
* The ''opening credits'' put the camera in the viewpoint of someone sneaking down a dark alley who is suddenly caught by searchlights, unloads an entire clip into his attacker and is shot dead. By the ''Hero'', who doesn't even flinch as he does so.
* In almost every episode, at least one person is killed so they can be replaced by a Mysteron "clone". Crushed in garage car-lifts (while [[SoundtrackDissonance cheery music (turned up loud, no less) plays from the garage radio]]), strangled with robot hands, brake lines cut. And then we see the dead body duplicated by the Mysterons. For true nightmare fuel, watch the end-credit sequences, where Captain Scarlet is subjected to ten different death-traps.
* It gets worse when FridgeBrilliance kicks in-[[AndIMustScream ''he still feels pain''. Not only that, but he may ''never'' die, meaning he's doomed to watch everyone he ever cared about wither away, until he is alone.]]

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