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* In ''Pinball/JurassicPark'', when the "System Failure" WizardMode starts, the pinball machine itself briefly goes haywire, just like the lab computers in the movie.
* ''Pinball/DemolitionMan'' has the introduction to "Demolition Time", in which the display goes haywire, and finally displays the mode's instructions.
* Since ''Pinball/FamilyGuy'' and ''Pinball/{{Shrek}}'' are essentially the same game with different artwork, it's possible to do this to unsuspecting players by putting the [=ROMs=] for one game into the other.
* In Creator/DennisNordman's ''Pinball/WhiteWater'', getting the Vacation Jackpot causes the machine to suddenly go quiet, then sound a fire alarm, rapidly showing frames and sound bites from other animations in the game, and only afterward does it tell you the number of points you earned.
** Similarly, after successfully completing the Stiff-O-Meter in ''Pinball/ScaredStiff'', the game enters a {{Blipvert}}-like sequence, flashing the playfield lights at random while playing random bursts of graphics and sound that looks exactly like the machine's gone haywire.
* "Midnight Madness" in ''[[Pinball/WHODunnit WHO dunnit]]'', which occurs if a game is started or played at midnight. The machine pretends to malfunction, with the flippers going dead, the balls draining, and the game shuts down. After a few seconds, the game wakes up with MIDNIGHT MADNESS, all four balls are launched, and every shot is worth three million points.
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