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[[http://snafu-comics.com/ Snafu Comics]] is a webcomics site that holds multiple webcomics by multiple authors, from Bleedman to lesser known authors. The following comics are hosted by the site: PowerpuffGirlsDoujinshi, a crossover comics between as many cartoons as Bleedman could think of, both classic and new. SugarBits, which is essentially the complete opposite of PPGD. A comic with completely original characters and settings, where the only cameo is from himself and another comic from the site. GrimTalesFromDownBelow, another crossover comic by Bleedman, this taking place in an AlternateTimeline of PPGD. Tin, by Dave, the supposed owner of the site. SNAFU, also by Dave and the 5th comic featured at the top, which is odd considering it's the only comic involving the two characters at the top and sides of the page. MyPanda, a black and white comic by Dave. BrainDead, a comic by user Nick about a ZombieApocalypse and a cowardly janitor that was one of the cut characters of Left4Dead. [[Portal2 That was a joke.]] [[BreakingTheFourthWall The rest will be added when someone who has actually read those comics and not just the ones by Bleedman decides to add them.]]
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