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''[[http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?476220-Siegerkranz-Germany-s-Place-in-the-Sun Siegerkranz: Germany's Place in the Sun]]'' is an AfterActionReport of ''HeartsOfIron II''', chronicling an AlternateHistory Germany that manages to be both plausible and unexpected. Currently still ongoing. It all begins in [[TheThirties 1933]], with AdolfHitler ''failing'' in becoming Chancellor. Instead, a Field Marshall by the name of Kurt von Schleicher remains in control. But even as the WeimarRepublic unravels, with both the Nazis and Communists only ''part'' of the problem, he and his colleagues manage to keep it together...only reform it into a more powerful Germany. The result is a Third Reich that is [[{{Prussia}} very]] [[RightfulKingReturns much]] [[ImperialGermany different]] from what our world would recognize. But if there is a trait similar with NaziGermany, it's a fierce determination to undo a humiliating defeat and rise back to glory...no matter the cost. ---- !!This work contains examples of: * AlternateHistory * BlackAndGreyMorality: The Germans come across as more sympathetic and heroic, although some of their methods in regaining their place in the world are at times questionable. * CivilWar: Both the Nazis and Communists attempt to pull this off to usurp the Republic early on. [[spoiler:They both fail.]] * DemocracyIsBad: What some, including Schleicher seem to think. Though given the [[TheThirties time period]] and context of inter-war Germany, it's not like you could blame them. * ForWantOfANail * HighClassGlass: Some among the Prussian military caste still use monocles. * ImperialGermany: Much of the first parts of the AAR was part of a wider plan to restore it via the Constitution. [[spoiler:It worked beyond Schleicher's expectations.]] * MagnificentBastard / ManipulativeBastard: Schleicher's success owes much to being this. He would not hesitate to shift allegiances at the drop of a hat if it serves his goals. * MyCountryRightOrWrong * NaziNobleman: Many of the leading figures, although none of them have any love for the Nazis. * {{Prussia}}: A WorldWarII version of it. * ThePurge: Schleicher's has the Nazi and Communist factions banned. * ThoseWackyNazis: Effectively sidelined and suppressed. * WeimarRepublic
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