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[[caption-width:250:Shinichi Watanabe]]

In proper Japanese name order, Wata'''nabe Shin'''ichi. The director responsible for such {{anime}} as ''Anime/ExcelSaga, PuniPuniPoemi, Anime/NerimaDaikonBrothers'' and ''TheWallflower.'' He likes to [[AuthorAvatar implant himself]] into the series he directs as his alter ego "Nabeshin," a Japanese Shaft who is [[MartyStu more powerful and skilled than anyone else in the cast]]. Famed for his magnificent afro. Likes Texas (it's the steak).


Patron saint of the GagSeries.

Not to be confused with ShinichiroWatanabe, the creator of ''CowboyBebop'' and ''SamuraiChamploo''.

And if you're looking for NietzscheWannabe, it's over at StrawNihilist now.[[hottip:note:And your spelling is ''awful.'']]
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