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"Omega Guardians" is a {{Web Original}} series about a group of superpowered teenagers created by Tobias Christopher that debuted at www.fictionpress.com in 2011. 17 years ago, the alien [[DarkIsEvil]] Darkheart concocted a plan to create a superpowered army by tainting the water supply of a small town named [[DoomedHometown]] Underwood, which would cause any expectant (or soon to be expecting) mother to give birth to a child that would one day develop super abilities. Cut to the current day, where the children of Underwood have started to discover their powers. While some of them are using their powers for evil, a group of teens has banded together to fight the crime that's starting to plaque their city. [[TheLeader Jesse]]; [[FragileSpeedster Walker]] ;[[AnIcePerson Ace]]; [[TheSmartGuy Sam]]; [[TheChick Carol]]; [[TheStrongGuy Victoria]]; and [[TagalongKid Andy]]. Darkheart's ultimate goal is to take control of the growing population of superpowered... by any means necessary. Season 2 premiered on October 5th, 2012. ''Omega Guardians'' contains examples of: * AirVentPassageway: In 'Family Ties', Andy uses of one of these to get out of the cell he's trapped in. Cue [[DieHard]] parody. *ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: When Ace meets the ghostly Will, he orders Andy to get a bible, some Holy Water, and a copy of [[Norbit]]. *BetaCouple: Walker and Carol. *BewaretheNiceOnes: Everyone on the team, especially Andy. *BreadEggsMilkSquick: Anything that Ace makes on home-ec falls into this. *BigDamnHeroes: Kit pulls one of these in "All Fall Down, Part Two". *DownerEnding: The first season finale. *GirlPosse: "The Cheerleader Revenge Squad" *HeroicBSOD: Jesse suffers one of these in "Cheerleader Revenge Squad". *HighSchoolDance: "Vampire Diaries of a Wimpy Kid" has a Halloween Dance where a lot of the action takes place. *JerkJock: Carol's boyfriend Nick in Season 1, and Jason from the episode "Mind Games". *NeversayDie: Averted bigime. It seems that Darkheart's goal every other episode is to outright kill the Guardians. *PettheDog: At the start of the series, Carol's attitude towards Walker is as icy as Ace's powers, but by "Vampire Diaries of a Wimpy Kid" She seems to be coming around. *PuppyDogEyes *RichBitch: Victoria. Although she's still a good friend to her teammates. *RuleofFunny: A lot of Season 1's comedic moments operated by this. Season 2 seems to be cutting back on the random humor. *TeenGenius: Sam. *TookALevelInBadass: Andy does this in Season 2's "Rebellion", much to the dismay of his friends, who end up on the business end of Andy's wrath. *TookALevelInJerkass: Both Jesse and Andy seem to have fallen into this in Season 2. *TheWoobie: Dear God, Andy. It's hard not to hug the poor kid given all the hell he's gone through in Season 1. *WouldntHitaGirl: Averted. Hard.
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