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''Odd Girl Out'' is a 2005 Made For TV teen drama film starring Alexa Vega, Leah Pipes and Lisa Vidal. Alexa Vega plays Vanessa, a 14-year-old student who is ostracised by her friends and relentlessly bullied to extreme measures. Her mother is fully aware of the bullying going on and struggles to fight against it, despite the school remaining indifferent to many of the attacks. !This film provides examples of: * AlphaBitch: Nikki though Stacy is the leader of the group. * BitchInSheepsClothing: Stacy. * BlackBestFriend: Emily becomes this for Vanessa. * BlondGuysAreEvil: Played with. Blond Tony is a nice guy though blond Ezra is a dickhead. * BlondesAreEvil: Also played with. Blonde Tiffany is just a desperate wannabe so her participation in the bullying is likely just survival. * CompleteMonster: Nikki. While Stacy shows at least some remorse in places, Nikki clearly loves the bullying [[spoiler: even when Vanessa attempts suicide]]. * CoolLoser: Emily. * DespairEventHorizon: After being stood up for a party by her former friends, [[spoiler: Vanessa deliberately overdoses on sleeping pills]]. * FormerFriendOfAlphaBitch: Vanessa and Stacy have been best friends since childhood though Stacy inexplicably turns on her through Nikki's influence. * TheGhost: Vanessa's father who is only "seen" through phone calls. * GirlPosse * HollywoodPudgy: Invoked by the girls, who deliberately make fun of Vanessa's weight, despite her looking very healthy for her age. * JerkJock: Nikki is actually a female example, playing on the soccer team. * KarmaHoudini: Nikki gets away scott free. Stacy gets a verbal smackdown laid on her by Vanessa but Nikki is not punished at all when she's arguably more evil than Stacy. * KidsAreCruel: And how. * SchoolBullyingIsHarmless: Averted and how! * ShutUpHannibal: Emily does this to Stacy after [[spoiler: Vanessa's suicide attempt]]. * TeensAreMonsters * TraumaticHaircut: After Vanessa overhears the girls making fun of her hair, she chops a lot of it off. When she shows up to school with her new hairstyle the girls post various cruel taunts about her hair on the website. * WomanScorned: Stacy and Nikki start to turn on Vanessa when Tony shows interest in her instead of Stacy.
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