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The main character, Natori Nono, is a teenage girl living with her little brother and their mother in a small apartment. Then, Nono learns her mother has been secretly dating a man, a fact she only learns the day after the new marriage. To Natori Nono's (now Ichijou Nono's) surprise, her new stepfather is a billionaire. With encouragement from her new stepbrother, Nono learns how to fit in high society. !!This series contains examples of: * GoldDigger: A girl wanting Nono's stepbrother accuses the Natoris of being this. * KingIncognito: One of the maids helping Nono to adjust to being a wealthy girl was actually her stepfather's mother in disguise. * NotBloodSiblings: Ichijou (née Natori) Nono and her stepbrother Ichijou Kazuomi. A girl who's interested in Kazuomi sees Nono as a threat because of the trope. * RagsToRiches: Widow Natori and her children when she married Mr. Ichijou. * TrademarkFavoriteFood: Kazuomi likes his marshmallows.
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