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Probably Charles Bukowski's best known book. ''Ham on Rye'' depicts the childhood and adolescence of [[AuthorAvatar Harry Chinaski]]. Harry is a working-class German-American growing up in Los Angeles during the Great Depression. He starts off as an awkward, friendless, but overall endearing little boy. He's an average kid, bad at sports but tries, girls don't like him back, doesn't do tremendously well in school. Harry's father is incredibly abusive and aggressive, beating Harry for anything and everything he does, and his mother is unable to stand up to him. Trapped in a loveless house, Harry's anger and violent tendencies becomes more and more obvious. While all the boys his age have become fascinated by violence, Harry is constantly infuriated and aggressive and is becoming big enough that he can express his anger harshly. Harry transfers to a wealthy private school. His father insists that they pretend they are very wealthy although they are far from it. His few friends are equally hideous. Harry develops horrible acne all over his body, and it becomes so severe that he has to go to a medical clinic to get them treated and drops out of high school. Harry eventually stands up to his father's abuse, leaves home, and continues to a local community college. Harry begins to enjoy writing, although he grades himself harshly, and attempts to find work. *CoolLoser: Harry, from Harry's perspective
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