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Digimon United is fanfic written by NYCDMan, this fanfic can be read at: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6618999/1/Digimon_United Digimon United takes off during the events of {{Digimon Adventure 02}} and {{Digimon Tamers}} (more specifically "It Came From the Other Side"), it starts off with Izzy's Digi-Radar picking up Digital portals opening in Shinjuku, the 02 DigiDestined investigate and end up meeting the Tamers, specifically Takato Matsuki & Henry Wong, Davis, TK, and Cody help them defeat an Akatorimon & Wendigomon, although Wendigomon escape's. Meanwhile, Kari and Yolei are attacked Rika and her partner Renamon, after forcing her to flee the 2 groups decide to team up to stop the Bio-Emerging Digimon. All Seasons of Digimon exist in this one universe, from Adventure to Data Squad (there are plans to bring in season's 6 & 7), while the first half of the series focuses on the cast from seasons 1 to 3, season's 4 & 5 are referenced and even seen several times.
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