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In video games, this may simply be an instance where the designers wanted to include more {{Boss Battle}}s; this is more obvious in several cases where a character is already an ideological ally but wants to "duel" or "practice" against you anyway, or needs to "[[StrengthEqualsWorthiness test your strength]]" before he'll join up. ({{Summon|Magic}}s love to do this, as do {{Mon}}s and [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority warrior tribes]].) This may be repetitive but more {{Boss Battle}}s are usually what the player wants so there are rarely complaints.


In video games, this may simply be an instance where the designers wanted to include more {{Boss Battle}}s; this is more obvious in several cases where a character is already an ideological ally but wants to "duel" or "practice" against you anyway, or needs to "[[StrengthEqualsWorthiness test your strength]]" before he'll they'll join up. ({{Summon|Magic}}s love to do this, as do {{Mon}}s and [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority warrior tribes]].) This may be repetitive but more {{Boss Battle}}s are usually what the player wants so there are rarely complaints.
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In an action series based around an endless series of [[MyKungFuIsStrongerThanYours one-on-one fights]], defeating a WorthyOpponent or TheRival will sometimes [[MagneticHero convert them to the hero's side]], if [[ReformedButNotTamed not always to his cause]]. Furthermore, no matter how much trouble the WorthyOpponent has caused for the heroes or other people as soon as he shows remorse or goes out of his way to help others he will be welcomed into the hero's circle of TrueCompanions [[EasilyForgiven with open arms]].

It helps if the story is idealistic enough for the hero to forgive the villain after s/he is safely defeated. Correspondingly, the villain in this kind of story is so surprised and moved that the hero would be big-hearted enough to do that, that they have a change of heart.

From the writers' standpoint, this trope is a way to keep characters around longer. If it's a show about fighting, and if TheProtagonist is always getting stronger, what's the use of a defeated enemy? If said enemy is [[RoundedCharacter well developed]], has a sizeable [[EnsembleDarkhorse fanbase]] and/or a [[AntiVillain sympathetic]] motive or backstory; then killing him might risk [[BrokenBase pissing]] [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter off the fans]]. We want to see him fight some more, but he can't fight the hero again because that would be repetitive and we all know he would lose. So instead, he becomes an ally and gets to assist the hero. Thus, this is a standard way for most {{Sixth Ranger}}s to be added into the cast.


In an action series based around an endless series of [[MyKungFuIsStrongerThanYours one-on-one fights]], defeating a WorthyOpponent or TheRival will sometimes [[MagneticHero convert them to the hero's side]], if [[ReformedButNotTamed not always to his their cause]]. Furthermore, no matter how much trouble the WorthyOpponent has caused for the heroes or other people as soon as he shows they show remorse or goes go out of his their way to help others he they will be welcomed into the hero's circle of TrueCompanions [[EasilyForgiven with open arms]].

It helps if the story is idealistic enough for the hero to forgive the villain after s/he is they are safely defeated. Correspondingly, the villain in this kind of story is so surprised and moved that the hero would be big-hearted enough to do that, that they have [[HeelFaceTurn a change of heart.


From the writers' standpoint, this trope is a way to keep characters around longer. If it's a show about fighting, and if TheProtagonist is always getting stronger, what's the use of a defeated enemy? If said enemy is [[RoundedCharacter well developed]], has a sizeable [[EnsembleDarkhorse fanbase]] and/or a [[AntiVillain sympathetic]] motive or backstory; then killing him them might risk [[BrokenBase pissing]] [[TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodCharacter off the fans]]. We want to see him them fight some more, but he they can't fight the hero again because that would be repetitive and we all know he that they would lose. So instead, he becomes they become an ally and gets get to assist the hero. Thus, this is a standard way for most {{Sixth Ranger}}s to be added into the cast.

Compare KillMeNowOrForeverStayYourHand for when the hero refuses to kill his enemy which may lead into this trope depending on the story. LetsYouAndHimFight for where two characters are already on the same side but don't know it and fight because one or both of them think the other is an enemy. DefeatMeansRespect where a defeated enemy respects the victor instead of becoming friends and FireForgedFriends, where enemies forced to fight on the same side become friends.

See also LoveAtFirstPunch and BestHerToBedHer for romantic variations, DefeatMeansPlayable, IFightForTheStrongestSide.


Compare KillMeNowOrForeverStayYourHand for when the hero refuses to kill his their enemy which may lead into this trope depending on the story. LetsYouAndHimFight for where two characters are already on the same side but don't know it and fight because one or both of them think the other is an enemy. DefeatMeansRespect where a defeated enemy respects the victor instead of becoming friends and FireForgedFriends, where enemies forced to fight on the same side become friends.


See also LoveAtFirstPunch and BestHerToBedHer for romantic variations, DefeatMeansPlayable, variations and DefeatMeansPlayable for a video game trope often combined with this one.
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* DefeatMeansFriendship/AnimeAndManga
* DefeatMeansFriendship/VideoGames

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* Since it is based on history, the countries of ''WebComic/AxisPowersHetalia'' sometimes fight wars against each other, only to become allies later.
** Some examples with Italy: Italy and Austria, who fought at least two times against each other, but Italy is never angry with Austria because of that, and Austria, despite sometimes being very stern to Italy, doesn't seem to hate him truly. Germany is a borderline case since he and Italy should fight, but Italy surrendered as soon as he saw Germany and they are friends later. Also, Italy's and Turkey's relationship seems to be good in the present, but Turkey mentions they fought against each other. Holy Roman Empire and Italy also become friends despite the fact that Holy Roman Empire defeated Italy.
** With England and America, and also with England and France, this is a Zig Zagged Trope. They fought, and are Allies now, but they still tend to bicker a lot.
* Happens a '''LOT''' in ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'', mostly due to Touma being so such an IdealHero that he refuses to accept that anyone could have [[YouAreBetterThanYouThinkYouAre absolutely no good in them.]] Even [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in New Testament volume ten:
--> '''Accelerator:''' Hey, whatís the matter? Iíve said my bit and youíre still putting up a sad fight, so youíve gotta have a reason for ruining what Iím trying to do here, donít you!?
--> '''Touma:''' A reason, huh? For most of everyone in the world, itís probably true that Othinus is someone thatís not really worth saving. And logically, not saving her may be the better option, so you Ďmight as wellí protect your own safety! But even so!! If you can choose between having her or not, itís gotta be more fun to let her join the group!! It may not be logical and it may not be efficient, but this has got to be more enjoyable than throwing her out! Thatís my reason!!
--> '''Accelerator:''' Youíre not even trying to convince me, are you?
--> '''Touma:''' Thatís how true motives work[...] If you had a reason that would convince anyone the moment you gave it, itíd be a manufactured argument you created for the sole purpose of convincing people.
* ''Manga/HunterXHunter'': Meruem was one of the most powerful beings ''in existence'', being able to take the strongest attacks from the strongest man on earth without taking even the slightest of damage. He was also so smart he could master any game and defeat world champions in under 10 games with them, swiftly murdering said champion after he completely defeats them.... Then he meets Komugi, a player of a fictional board game called Gungi who he was completely unable to beat, playing dozens of games with her and never once seeing her use her full skills. She first becomes the only person able to annoy him without being swiftly killed, then someone[[note]] and only person [[/note]] he cares about, to him outright falling in love with her.
* Downplayed in episode 16 of ''Anime/RomeoXJuliet'' between Hermione Romeo's Fiancee and Juliet Romeo's lover. Upon learning she truly loves Romeo, Hermione comes to accept Romeo and Juliet's love she backs down, returns to Neo Verona and decides to not reveal her location to Montague but instead protect her (though hiding her intention by acting like a snob and insisting it's because she does not want Romeo to find out she was so unladylike).
* This occurs in ''Manga/YakitateJapan'' multiple times:
** [[TeenGenius Kanmuri]]. He was never [[MinionWithAnFInEvil a particularly bad guy]], he just [[PunchClockVillain happened to be working for]] [[BitchInSheepsClothing Yukino]], as she was funding his research. After he loses to Azuma in the Newcomer's Competition, Yukino [[KickTheDog destroys his research]], so to pay her back, Kanmuri joins the team and is a crucial part of the Yakitate!! 25 team.
** [[AntiHero Suwabara]], who joins the team after Azuma beats him in the semifinals of the same tournament. He is part of the trio in the Monaco Cup arc.
** This trope also goes the other way. After [[MsFanservice Monica]] beats Suwabara in the Monaco cup, they become an item.
* ''[[Anime/PrettySammy Magical Project S]]'': after Pixy Misa is beaten in the "journey to the mind" episode she befriends and fights alongside Sammy.
* ''Anime/MazingerZ'': The first thing Boss did (''in ALL versions'') when he met Kouji was punching him and picking a fight with him. It did not work well for Boss. At all. Kouji won always, whether it was a fist fight or a bike-riding contest, making Boss severely unhappy. And angrier. However, Boss came to grudgingly respect Kouji thanks to it, and thus they eventually became friends -[[VitriolicBestBuds even although a tad vitriolic half of time]]-. Actually, in one of their first arguments, in spite of Boss was angry, [[GenreSavvy Kouji himself laughed it off and told he was sure of they would become good friends.]]
* This trope is how ''Manga/{{Kinnikuman}}'' fills out almost its entire recurring cast.
* In ''Manga/FairyTail'' both [[spoiler:Gajeel and Juvia]] join the guild after being defeated. [[spoiler:While Juvia falls in love with Grey, Gajeel is approached by the master himself and persuaded to join ''Fairy Tail''.]]
** [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]] regarding Laxus. Despite being part of the titular guild, Laxus comes off as far more antagonistic than many previous villains, neglecting to assist the protagonists in key conflicts as well as mocking their weakness. This comes to a head in the Fighting Festival Arc [[spoiler: where he endangers the entire guild in his takeover attempt. Natsu and Gajeel manage to defeat him, and he becomes much nicer as a result. Yet inverted in that he gets kicked out of the guild (temporarily) after the arc]].
** Also happens with [[spoiler:Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney]] after being beaten by Fairy Tail, with [[spoiler:Sting]] even replacing Ziemma as Saber Tooth's master.
* ''Manga/SoulEater'':
** Inverted when Maka fights Crona, [[spoiler:as Maka is able to befriend Crona after matching his/her wavelength, ending the fight without either being beaten. So in this case, it was "defeat" ''by'' friendship. And ''boy'' is it a [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming heartwarmer]]. Even the ending sequence changes to reflect it]].
** Was perhaps the expected outcome of Black Star's encounters with Mifune, and indeed turned out that way in the anime. In the manga, however [[spoiler: defeat means ''death''. In a large, obstinate amount of HonorBeforeReason, Black Star ends up killing Mifune because neither could conceive of an alternative to fighting to the death, even though Mifune was fighting to protect [[CuteWitch Angela]] and it turned out the DWMA weren't going to do anything to her]].
** Death the Kid, Liz and Patty's backstory is [[spoiler:that Liz and Patty [[MuggingTheMonster tried to mug]] him. All we see is flashbacks, but this was most likely the outcome]]. According to ch 78 this is not the entire story - Kid, being a naive rich guy with symmetry on the brain, came to find the pair known as the 'Demons of Brooklyn' to have them as his Weapons. They agree originally because they want his money, and only later come to realize they genuinely [[spoiler:[[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming like being with the boy]]]]. The Defeat's there but the Friendship took time.
** Black Star tries a new job as Warrior Therapist when he faces Crona. It doesn't work, for if anything Crona's mental state is worse, and no amount of [[MyKungFuIsStrongerThanYours Kung Fu Strength]] was enough to snap them out of it.
** [[spoiler:Maka ends up eventually succeeding at this with Crona]] in the manga's penultimate chapter.
* ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'': Koon and Baam trick Rak, who wants to kill them, into joining their team, and they become TrueCompanions. Baam cuts up Hwa Ryun's face and takes out an eye and they travel together for five or six years. Ja Wangnan tricks Viole into joining his team and they become friends.
* ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'':
** It is wryly noted that this is how Nanoha seems to make all of her friends, both {{Muggles}} and other mages. So much so that fans use the word "befriend" as a synonym for "beat the crap out of". Before anyone is deemed worthy of her affection, (s)he first has to miraculously survive one of her [[WaveMotionGun massively aggressive onslaughts]], which Fate experiences first-hand.
** The current title of most befriended goes to Vivio, who took the title from Fate when [[spoiler:she received five [[WaveMotionGun Starlight Breakers]] ''at the same time'' and managed to remain conscious ''and'' stand on her own afterwards. A considerable feat since Fate couldn't even claim that when Nanoha struck her with one]]. Nanoha officially adopts Vivio as her daughter afterwards.
** This trope explains why Nanoha isn't as close to Chrono as to the rest of her friends. She never blew him up! [[GayOption Het Option]] Yuuno is around, but has less and less presence each season. In ''VideoGame/TriangleHeart3SweetSongsForever'', Chrono ''does'' in fact get blown up by Nanoha, and becomes romantically involved with her afterwards.
** The first time Nanoha met Fate, the latter "befriended" her nearly into the hospital. Is it any wonder she fell in {{Love At First|Sight}} [[LoveAtFirstPunch Punch]]?
** It's lampshaded in the [[AllThereInTheManual third Megami]] [[AudioAdaptation sound stage]], where Hayate, in response to Erio and Caro becoming friends with Lutecia (whom they had defeated in the final battle), and the reformed Numbers cyborgs, notes that children have an amazing capacity for forgiveness. Similarly, in ''Manga/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaVivid'', Vivio acknowledges that while she is friends with Lutecia and the Numbers now, they were involved in her kidnapping from Section 6 four years ago.
** Referenced in episode 12 of ''LightNovel/{{Kampfer}}'' when Seppuku Bunny (voiced by Nanoha's voice actress) threatens to befriend several other characters just before they're about to fight.
** Nanoha has finally explained the whole "befriending" process herself in the movie manga when she thinks back to how she became friends with Arisa only after they fought.
** Jokingly brought up in TheMovie sound stages, the full excerpt is on the AscendedMeme page.
** ''Manga/MagicalRecordLyricalNanohaForce'': Defied by the Hückebein family. No matter how bruised they are they refuse to sit down and talk with Nanoha or anyone else. Instead they are aggressive to the point of being irreconcilable. Even in defeat, they would rather run away than demonstrate any willingness to a truce.
** In general, the series likes to mix {{Anti Villain}}s with truly irredeemable ones. AlwaysChaoticEvil villains like [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Precia Testarossa]], [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAs NachtWal]], [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikers Jail Scaglietti and Quattro]] or ''[[Manga/MagicalRecordLyricalNanohaForce Hades Vandein]]'' are destroyed or imprisoned ([[MookFaceTurn often with the help of their former subordinates]]), but would not undergo a HeelFaceTurn themselves.
** ''Inverted'' in ''Anime/VividStrike'' where the final straw that broke Fuka and Rinne's friendship was Rinne beating Fuka in a fight. Though it gets played straight at the end.
* This is a recurring theme in ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'':
** Many of the Pokémon the characters capture only agree to join them after they prove themselves by beating and catching the Pokémon in a battle. Main character Ash Ketchum had to earn the obedience of Pokémon like Bulbasaur, Snorunt, Treecko, and many more this way, even after he'd already befriended them. In XY, Serena needed to do this to Pancham as well.
** And then there are the Pokémon who are just plain ''hostile'' and only become friendly after the characters have beaten and captured them. Ash only befriended Pidgeotto, Krabby, Muk, Taillow, Corphish, and several other Pokémon after he'd beaten them up and caught them in a Poké Ball.
** Many of the human relationships are this way too. At first, Ash couldn't stand [[TheRival Gary or Paul]], but once he'd fought them in the Pokémon League he formed a new friendship, or at least mutual respect, with the both of them. More generally, the ToBeAMaster nature of the series means that many non-evil characters are after the same goals as TheProtagonist, and while they compete against one another there's no real hatred between the majority of trainers.
** Subverted in some cases. For instance, after being tormented the entire episode by a wild Rotom in an abandoned hotel, Ash and Dawn eventually use their combined powers to defeat it, and then are concerned for its safety when it seems down for the count. The Rotom wakes up and looks ashamed, and Ash conjectures that Rotom was just lonely and wanted someone to play with. Rotom nods in agreement... then shocks all of them before darting away, cackling madly.
* ''Franchise/DragonBall'':
** Almost every member in the Z team at one point had the sole goal in life to defeat and/or kill Goku (or [[NeverSayDie "send him to another dimension"]]), the only exceptions being Gohan and Goten (which are his sons) and Trunks (Vegeta's son, who had already become a Z-fighter by then). Overall, Piccolo and Vegeta were the most reluctant, but both became allies in the end, even though they were evil at first. In the case of Vegeta, the other characters are [[KarmaHoudini all too ready to forgive him]] after he had voluntarily became a minion and killed thousands of {{Innocent Bystander}}s. ''Those'' were revived, but the people he killed on Namek and East City were explicitly left dead, thanks to accidental mis-wishing. Maybe that's why [[spoiler: he went [[KarmaHoudiniWarranty straight to Hell]] after he tried to [[TakingYouWithMe kill Majin Buu with a suicide attack]] and already got the punishment he deserved]].
** The decent half of Majin Buu ends up living with the heroes, and Goku asks for the pure evil part to be reincarnated as a decent kid just so [[SpiritedCompetitor they can have another match]].
** Krillin specifically lampshades this in the Future Trunks arc, mentioning that all of the Z-Fighters were enemies with Goku at some point but all ended up becoming friends, usually through EnemyMine scenarios. Later, during the events of the Cell saga, he himself tried to befriend Android 18 so he didn't have to kill her by activating the bomb she had inside but, even after she is freed from Cell's body, she appears to uphold her rejection towards him. This eventually leads to a DoubleSubversion, since she reconcilies with Krillin and the two form a happy family.
** Avo and Cado from the JUMP Super Anime Tour special.
** Inverted with Tenshinhan. He beats both Kamesennin and Goku and does the typical HeelFaceTurn after his victory, mostly after Kamesennin gives him a good talking-to about why idolizing an assassin sucks and he realizes that he doesn't want to kill Goku, he just wants to fight him square.
** Spun around in ''[[Anime/DragonBallZBattleOfGods Battle of Gods]]''. [[spoiler:Beerus utterly owns Goku at every step, and decides to befriend him for putting up a decent fight.]]
** Subverted in the Future Trunks Arc of ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'': [[NiceJobBreakingItHero Goku defeating Zamasu in a friendly sparring match is what ends up convincing Zamasu that mortals are dangerous on top of being stupid and violent]], and kicks his StartOfDarkness into high gear.
** Also Subverted with Freeza every time he's been revived. No matter how many times he's lost to him, he absolutely ''hates'' Goku with a passion and will never stop trying to murder him. [[spoiler: Even with the fate of the entire universe in the balance, the first thing he does when Goku recruits him for the Tournament of Power is casually punch him in the gut, and he later traps Goku in an energy sphere that nearly erases him from existence. Even after being thwarted in those plans, he internally monologues that the reason he's gotten stronger despite being cocooned in Hell is that he spent the entire time concentrating on the myriad ways he'd kill Goku if he ever got free.]]
** In ''Anime/DragonBallSuper''[='s=] Universe Survival Saga, Goku has to put together a team of ten fighters for an inter-universe tournament; rather tellingly, the vast majority of the team (seven out of the ten) were Goku's enemies at some point in the past. [[spoiler:This ratio stays the same even after Majin Buu has to be replaced at the last minute -- Goku goes to Hell and recruits Freeza over the protests of everybody else.]]
* ''Manga/HajimeNoIppo'': Ippo often becomes friendly with the opponent even ''before'' fighting them (Sendo, Date, Volg) and resulting fight just seems to seal the deal, so to speak. Itagaki is another example.
* ''Franchise/YuGiOh'':
** Ryuji Otogi (Duke Devlin in the anime's English dub) begins his appearance in the ''Manga/YuGiOh'' manga as a gamer raised to defeat Yugi Mutou in order to take revenge for his father's loss against Yugi's grandfather (Mr. Otogi, who wanted to take possession of the Millennium Puzzle, challenged Sugoroku Mutou to the Devil's Board Game, a demonic Shadow Game, which made his father's face monstrous upon losing) as well as to take possession of the Millennium Puzzle in order to become the King of Games. Despite his upbringing, Ryuji shows a side of honor and kindness during his game against Yugi and his opinion of Yugi starts to slowly change during the battle, recognizing his skill. Despite Ryuji trying to reason with his father that the revenge games were going too far, Yugi was almost killed as Ryuji's store burned afterwards. Ryuuji performs a HeelFaceTurn when he realizes that he doesn't hate the Mutou family as much as his father does during the prior game, and becomes a SixthRanger to Yugi's FiveManBand of friends.
** Ryuji's story is different in the ''Anime/YuGiOh'' anime. Nursing a tremendous grudge against Yugi Muto for destroying his chance at success (by ruining Pegasus's reputation, and a potential publishing deal). After a single defeat at the game he designed, however, Ryuji does a 180 and becomes part of Yugi's inner circle of friends. Ever since, fans of the English series have called such drastic turnarounds "pulling a Devlin".
** MANY other important characters in the show follow this trope ranging from Mai and Mokuba to villains like Pegasus and Marik. Seto Kaiba is unusual in that although he is repeatedly beaten by Yugi and has had the invitation of friendship extended to him by the group more than once, he only admits to respecting Yugi but never would call him his friend.
** ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'' exploits this with the [[LightIsNotGood Society of Light]], who [[BrainwashedAndCrazy "recruits"]] their members by beating them at Duel Monsters. Interestingly, a good deal of the main characters that fall into the Society's sway were trying to use this trope to snap their friends ''out''. Unfortunately, when it came to characters that were part of the main cast, the only one who ever succeeded was Jaden.
** Every season seems to have adversaries who convert the important characters by beating them and then the Good Guys Turned Bad are turned good again when a main character beats them in a duel or the {{Big Bad}}s die or become good after losing a game. This is partially explained by the fact that [[spoiler:according to the show, the universe was created by card games]].
** ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'' naturally. The earliest example Ė and, remarkably, one that doesn't involve supernatural things – is Bolt Tanner (Jin Himuro in the original), who goes from being a delinquent to one of Yusei's best friends after one Duel (in which Yusei won without launching a single attack).
** In happens in ''Anime/YuGiOhZEXAL'' a lot too. Shark becomes a frequent ally of Yuma after losing to him, third-party villain Tron reforms after being defeated, and even [[spoiler: the BigBad of the first season, Dr. Faker, sees the error of his ways after losing a duel]].
** Since ''Anime/YuGiOhArcV'' is a huge InternalDeconstruction of the entire franchise, this trope gets {{deconstructed|Trope}}, {{averted|Trope}}, {{exploited|Trope}}, {{invoked|Trope}}, and in a few cases {{reconstructed|Trope}}. The reconstructions can be counted on one hand, but they occur because:
*** The reactions of the in-universe audience to a duel proved that the loser's perspective was wrong ([[JustifiedTrope which only happens if/when both parties are dueling for the purpose of entertaining a crowd, and the audience is more moved by the winner's performance]]). ([[spoiler:Reed/Michio]], [[spoiler:Pierre/Kyuando]])
*** The loser [[FallenHero used to be a nicer person]], and the duel reminded them of who they were. ([[spoiler:Enjoy Choujiro]])
*** The loser realized that [[ItMakesSenseInContext his opponent wasn't an inter-dimensional spy]], [[WouldntHurtAChild his opponent is an adoptive father to small children]], and through learning these last two facts was reminded that the protection of the innocent is more important than defeating one's foes (which he'd been forgetting due to being surrounded by potential enemies and tentative allies- [[ProperlyParanoid one of whom actually WAS an inter-dimensional spy]]- [[ParanoiaFuel led by a man sabotaged his weapon without his consent and happens to be the son of his most powerful enemy]]). Also, both parties started out as enemies, and both realize they have more in common than they thought by the end of the duel. ([[spoiler:Kurosaki, but he ONLY befriends Crow]])
*** [[StopHavingFunGuys The loser dueled purely to win and viewed dueling as a non-emotional activity]], but after spending a lot of time hanging around multiple characters who duel for fun ''finally'' realized how to do so through the duel. ([[spoiler:Serena]])
*** In the last few seasons the trope gets played completely straight, with only minimal justifications given. This was one of the reasons many viewers felt the show was losing it's quality.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': Ichigo has befriended several people he's defeated because the fights mostly occurred as a result of misunderstandings:
** Uryuu and Ganju picked a fight with him because they were angry with Soul Reapers over the deaths of loved ones. Ichigo was able to help them past their anger.
** Ikkaku and Kenpachi are motivated by the desire for a good fight so a WorthyOpponent instantly earns their respect.
** Renji and Byakuya did want to save Rukia but were bound by orders. Defeating Renji convinces him that Ichigo has the power to save her, but Byakuya's a tougher nut to crack due to him being [[PillarsOfMoralCharacter bound]] by two conflicting vows. Ichigo's victory resolves the conflict and earns his UndyingLoyalty.
* ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'':
** Sagara Sanosuke. It helped that Kenshin [[WarriorTherapist monologued]] at Sanosuke for [[WallOfText a couple of pages]], and admitted that the revolution Kenshin helped push through was superficial and still had a long way to go before true equality happened. Sano realized that they were fighting for the same cause and therefore gave up, letting himself pass out from the injuries he'd sustained in the battle.
** All the characters Kenshin defeats either end up on his side, such as [[spoiler:Aoshi, Saito, Chou, Anji, Kujiranami, and eventually even Enishi,]], or die/never show up again.
* ''Manga/RosarioToVampire''. Notice how every girl in the harem wanted to kill Tsukune and/or Moka before Moka kicks the living daylights out of them. Except for Yukari. She was just being a harmless prankstress who managed to be more annoying than dangerous.
* A longstanding tradition in ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure''. The first real friend that Jonathan Joestar makes is Robert E. O. Speedwagon, who tried to mug him. Jonathan's great-great grandson Jotaro makes friends with Kakyoin and Polnareff by freeing them from Dio's mind control, and nearly all of Jotaro's 16 year old uncle (long story) Josuke's friends were people who tries to kill him the first time they met. Jonathan even managed to earn Dio Brando's respect and admiration after destroying the latter's body. Dio even berates one of his minions for mocking Jonathan. Too bad Dio took it to {{Yandere}} levels, [[spoiler:to the point of killing Jonathan and claiming his body for himself]].
* Misaki from ''Anime/KidouTenshiAngelicLayer'' uses a combination of skill, cuteness and "you're not alone!" speeches to win over every other player. (Add obliviousness, if it's a battle with someone who cheats -- apparently, the ability to win anyway is heightened by her honestly thinking that her opponent would never mess with the odds.)
* The entire Shuffle Alliance in ''Anime/MobileFighterGGundam'' is assembled in this fashion (except Sai Saici, who fought Domon to a draw rather than being beaten). Main rival Chibodee Crocket goes back and forth between violently beating the hero and having breakfast with him at least three times.
* Various antagonists in ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' -- Neji and Gaara most obviously, to the point where one [[{{Doujinshi}} fan artist]] referred to a "We Got Some Sense Beaten Into Us By Naruto Club" (members include the above plus Inari, Konohamaru and Tsunade...) Seen [[http://risachantag.deviantart.com/art/Naruto-Therapy-10391050 here]].
** Naruto ''is'' a WarriorTherapist, so it isn't just that he defeats them.
** Kurama the Nine-Tails was without question a JerkAss to his host Naruto. But after their deciding struggle (which the latter won), Naruto soon expresses a desire to do something about all that hatred and form a relationship like the one Bee has with his chakra beast. Kurama, who'd been treated as nothing more than a monster to be caged for years, was certainly surprised to hear this, [[spoiler:and ends up slowly upgrading himself to true partner status]].
** Averted with Ino and Sakura, who renew their friendship after fighting to a draw. The nature of their rivalry suggests that a clear victor would have been detrimental to reconciliation. Then again, technically, they '''both''' lost, since as a result of the draw, both failed that attempt at the Chunin exam.
** Sasuke and Naruto are something of an inversion, since Sasuke was ready to admit that yes, they are best friends, though this wasn't necessarily a ''good'' thing since [[AloofBigBrother Itachi]] told him, even advised him, that killing his best friend would unlock a new power, a power he'd need if he wanted his revenge. When it came to it Sasuke (barely) defeated Naruto, but chose not to kill him because he still thought of him as his friend, and he didn't want to achieve power by following Itachi's ways. [[spoiler: Since then, every time Sasuke was about to get better and abandon his vengeful power-seeker ways, some evil villain came along and deliberately put a stop to it by giving him another reason to dive off the deep end. Once all the bad guys were finally taken care of, he and Naruto had it out - and ended up [[AnArmAndALeg blowing each others' arms off]]. It was technically a tie, but Sasuke conceded defeat after one last heart-to-heart.]]
* It would take less time to list the antagonists in ''Anime/{{Beyblade}}'' that didn't do this than take the time to list those that did. Suffice it to say, by the final arc, there were 30-some good guys. Ditto for its full-series {{Expy}}, ''[[Anime/{{Bakugan}} Bakugan Battle Brawlers]]''.
* In ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'':
** After Ranma defeats Shampoo as a male, she becomes his fiancée by tribal law. Later Ranma defeats Ukyo and they go back to being friends (in her case, an [[ChildhoodFriendRomance Unlucky Childhood Friend]]). Before both fights the girls were out for revenge, and after the fight they more-or-less became friends (or [[LoveAtFirstPunch clingy unrequited love interest]]) with him. Other than that though, none of Ranma's many rivals have ever become friend and always get madder at him after defeat.
** In Ryoga and Mousse's cases, battling common foes and saving each other's lives have made them TrueCompanions, however. But not friends.
** Shampoo is a bit complicated, as she only wants to marry him because village law says she has to, and for her first few appearances [[AndNowYouMustMarryMe she remains a villain who uses dirty tricks to try to force Ranma to marry her.]] Eventually she cools off, but it takes time.
* A key plot point in ''Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross'' / ''Anime/{{Robotech}}'' for the elite female Zentraedi warrior Miriya, who ends up marrying Max. The broadcast of their wedding then gives Breetai, the enemy commander, much food for thought...
* ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'':
** Downplayed with Hiei. After his defeat during Yusuke's first case as Spirit Detective, [[TokenEvilTeammate he subsequently becomes one of Yusuke's comrades (and later friends), but is initially only helping him because he was assigned the task for parole]].
** Karasu and Bui in the Dark Tournament are only working with the Toguro Brothers for the chance to get stronger and then turn around and kill them, but until then, they are good teammates. The younger Toguro is not only fully aware of this fact, he welcomes it because it keeps them motivated. The elder Toguro, on the other hand, is simply unkillable and thus has no reason to care.
** Rinku, Jin, Toya, Kuwabara, reluctantly both Shishiwakamaru and Suzuki, Murota, Mitarai, slightly Amanuma, and Sayaka in the pre-resurrection arc, although in the anime she was merely a Spirit-World inspector. Suzuki even went so far as to [[spoiler:provide Kuwabara and Kurama with weapons that they would have been defeated without]], although this was because, as he put it, he disliked them but he hated Toguro. Yomi became friendlier after the Demon Tournament arc, although he was by no means a friend or ally, as well as Mukuro and Raizen's old friends. Ruka [[spoiler:got out of the force-field for hire and switched to doing a radio show with Koto and Juri after nearly being incinerated by Hiei]].
* Happens several times in ''Manga/ShamanKing''. Ren, Ryu, Faust and Lyserg all attempt to kill Yoh and/or Manta before joining Yoh's posse, often executing bizarre {{Heel Face Turn}}s.
* ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn'':
** Gokudera Hayato declared his [[HoYay/KatekyoHitmanReborn undying devotion]] to Sawada Tsuna after the latter defeated the former by [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass going into "Dying Will" mode]]. Gokudera was about to die from setting off his own dynamite, and Tsuna saved his life.
** After being defeated by defeated [[spoiler: Gokudera, Gamma seems to be going this way]]
** In a way, this happens to two of the major {{Big Bad}}s from two of the arcs. Namely, [[spoiler:Rokudo Mukuro]] and [[spoiler:Xanxus]] (though both are very reluctant and stubborn about admitting it).
** In the manga arcs the Simon Famiglia and even present day Byakuran end up fighting back-to-back with the heroes.
* ''Manga/OutlawStar'':
** Gene Starwind earns Suzuka's allegiance this way, though it's been theorized she was really just tired with the life of a hired assassin. This incident is especially interesting because Gene ends the fight by disrobing her.
** Aisha initially pursued Gene and company because they got her busted down from military rank in the Ctarl Ctarl when he humiliated her command of a warship. She tries to pick a fight with him more than once, but she just can't get her act together (foiled by severe hunger, Gene runs away from her, no moon on the planet she's on to let her metamorph into a werecat, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking can't pay off her food bills]], or for that matter, ''property damage'' bills, etc.). However, they eventually come to good terms after she helps them out of a few circumstantial scrapes and Gene promises to pay her back in turn.
* Subverted in ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}''. At first it seems that Iscariot, who lost almost everyone during the war, have formed a somewhat friendly relationship with the Hellsing organization afterward. It turns out that they're really just waiting until they've properly rebuilt themselves to launch their next crusade.
* Lampshaded in the final episode of ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'' where a character declares himself to be an enemy of Itoshki specifically because of the assumption that Defeat Means Friendship. [[YaoiFangirl Harumi Fujiyoshi]] then points out that it tends to mean [[FoeYay something else too...]]
* The girls from ''Manga/MagicKnightRayearth'' managed to convince the summoner Ascot to stop fighting them after defeating his beasts and teaching him the value of friendship. The fact that he had killed Presea, which ''really'' upset them at the time, was conveniently forgotten.
** Presea's death only occurs in the anime. In the manga, it's his idea of letting his beasts use the unconscious Hikaru and Fuu as toys that really upsets Umi, especially when he calls them stupid for trying to protect Umi.
** They also managed to convince Caldina to back off through their passion and commitment to their cause -- Caldina may be a mercenary, but she wasn't that much of a fan of Zagato's pointless-seeming quest to destroy Cephiro.
* In ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', Kotaro becomes TheRival after Negi defeats him during the Kyoto arc. Chisame and Chachamaru also become relatively good friends after their massive hacking battle during the Mahora Festival arc. Later, [[spoiler: Jack Rakan]] is revealed to have had one of these with Nagi in a situation [[GenerationXerox surprisingly similar to the thing with Kotaro]].
** Rakan appears to be a subversion. His version of this trope sounds more like "Draw Means Friendship". Just take a look at his fights. He fought Nagi to a draw, Friendship, he fought Vrixas Nagasha, the ancient dragon, to a standstill and they were on good terms since then, his fight with Kage-chan never reached a conclusion so it can be considered a draw, after the fight they went drinking and became friends.
** Appears to be the same deal about to happen with [[spoiler:Luna (Shiori) ... though it might more be BestHerToBedHer]].
** Seems like this is about to happen again, since as of [[spoiler:chapter 292 Negi wants to be best friends with Fate. And it seems to be mutual, too, in a way]]. As of chapter 328, [[spoiler:It [[http://andarion.deviantart.com/art/Befriending-Complete-213440838?offset=10 finally happened]], with an epic friendly beatdown, though Fate is still {{Tsundere}} about it]].
* Actively {{invoked|Trope}} in Negima's sequel, ''Manga/UQHolder''. When assassin Kuroumaru tries to kill Touta, after winning the ensuing battle, ''Touta forces Kuroumaru to sign a 'best friends' contract''.
* In ''Anime/SamuraiPizzaCats'' Bad Bird is the arch rival of Speedy until he is fully defeated in the final ep. After Speedy gives a speech telling him it's not too late to change, Bad Bird sees the light, [[HeelFaceTurn becomes]] ''Good'' Bird, and helps Speedy destroy a comet heading for Tokyo.
* ''Manga/FlameOfRecca'' is notorious for this, particularly during the TournamentArc. People who were trying to kill Team Hokage just hours ago are suddenly eating snacks, playing videogames, and sharing stories with our heroes in their hotel room. And one of them creates a fan club for Fuko.
* This shows up as a recurring theme in ''Manga/HayateCrossBlade'', probably because the premise of having pairs fight each other means that one half of a team can get into trouble with somebody else, getting their partner involved in the process. Other than the Momotaro-gumi, a FourGirlEnsemble that came about after the members had fought each other to the point of bloodshed (a nosebleed, that is); examples also include Mizuchi, who becomes a lot more likable after her defeat at Ayana's hands.
* In ''Manga/HarlemBeat'', almost all rival teams become this with Johnan team.
* Possibly subverted in ''Manga/BlackLagoon'': Chang and Balalaika became friends after their (intended) fight to the death turned out a draw.
* In ''Manga/ThePrinceOfTennis'', the Seigaku and Fudomine teams become rather acquainted after the first team wins the matches against the latter. Something similar happens with the Rokkaku and Hyoutei teams, to different degrees.
* In ''Manga/DragonHalf'', when Mink defeats the necromancer Dead Lie and the four elemental generals, they become quite friendly, treating Mink and her party to a picnic and wishing her luck on her quest.
* In ''Manga/CynthiaTheMission'', the BigBad Cybele does this. All of her subordinates became her loyal and loving followers after she destroyed them in battle. Phantom got his lips torn off. The guy in the glasses got his eyes gouged out. Bridget got her arm torn off. And the boxer guy got his neck slit. Yes, the least crippling injury was a throat cutting. Cybele herself gave Bridget and the boxer medical attention and a prosthetic arm in Bridget's case.
* Interestingly inverted ''Manga/OnePiece'', where Mr. 2 Bon Clay makes friends with the Straw Hat Pirates and ''then'' they find out they are enemies. Though Bon Clay considers them still friends, he still fights them ([[PunchClockVillain he's just doing his job, after all]]). After his [[BigBad boss]] is defeated though, he sacrifices his freedom and is imprisoned to help the pirates escape.
** Also kinda subverted during the fight between Sanji and Mr. 2 Bon Clay, in which Sanji wins. Bon Clay tells him to finish him off and instead...Sanji offers his hand to apparently help him up. Bon Clay is touched (his inner thoughts say stuff about 'enemies becoming friends!' or something like that), and then Sanji promptly knocks him out and retrieves Usopp's goggles from him.
** ''Manga/OnePiece'', unusually for shonen manga, tends to avoid this trope for the most part. Most villains are irredeemably evil (though their minions might be somewhat sympathetic, it's usually due to their comedic quirks) and Luffy usually decides he wants someone on his crew within seconds of meeting them, giving villains no chance to make a HeelFaceTurn anyway. The only real exception is Franky (Robin is debatable, since no one ever defeated her; she just showed up on the ship and asked to join.)
** The only major exception is that a defeated villain (again, usually a minion) gets a mini title-arc where they sometimes become more humane, and sometimes even end up [[HeelFaceTurn helping the hero later on]], like with Hachi, formerly TheDragon to the series' first BigBad.
** Minor villain Duval is an exception. He decides he likes the Straw Hats and pledges loyalty to them as soon as he's defeated...though it ''might'' have something to do with Sanji giving him reconstructive facial surgery with his feet, turning him from {{Gonk}} to {{Bishonen}}.
** Taken UpToEleven by the [[BadassCrew Whitebeard Pirates]]. When these guys kick your ass, they don't just become your friends. They become your ''[[BadassFamily family.]]'' Whether you want to or not.
** This happens with Bellamy in a very long roundabout way. When Bellamy was first introduced, he was another irredeemably evil villain who Luffy had no problem delivering a OneHitKill to. After meeting Bellamy two years later, though, Bellamy has actually learned from his mistakes, and no longer laughs at the dreams of others, including Luffy. Luffy then cheers Bellamy on as he fights, and although Bellamy doesn't hesitates to attempt to assassinate Luffy under Doflamingo's order (though is stopped by Delinger before he has the chance), Luffy later refers to Bellamy as his friend. Eventually his BerserkButton is pressed (Doflamingo treating Bellamy, his subordinate who looked up to him, like garbage), and Luffy goes all-out to save him from Doflamingo.
** A quicker, more straightforward example can be seen between Bellamy and Bartolomeo, who defends Bellamy from Dellinger claiming that, because they struck blows, they are now friends.
* All but a few members of the Shinpaku Alliance in ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple'' were members of rival gang Ragnarok before being beaten by Kenichi and being either convinced or blackmailed by Niijima to join Shinpaku.
* Seen more or less often in ''Manga/SaintSeiya'', where the Bronze Saints and Saori manage to make several of their enemies realize they should join their cause ''after'' Seiya and Co. defeat them in battle.
* Subverted in ''Manga/DragonDrive'', where Reiji's defeat of Daisuke Hagiwara only increased the tensions between them; They eventually do become friends after enduring a long EnemyMine situation.
* ''Manga/{{Eyeshield 21}}'':
** Many of the highlighted players from teams defeated by the Deimon Devil Bats (even some of the freakishly destructive ones) in end up as personal trainers for the players they opposed when the Devil Bats are preparing to [[spoiler: play in the Christmas Bowl]]. They genuinely seem to want to be helping out (in other words, they're not there because Hiruma threatened them) and cheer their formal rivals from the stands.
** [[BloodKnight Gaou]] takes this to the next level. If someone he faces proves themselves to be a WorthyOpponent (such as Bamba, Riku and Kurita), Gaou will become a surprisingly loyal friend to them and he will defend them in every sense of the word (including attacking ANYONE who insults them).
* Sixknight becomes an ally of the Autobots after his defeat at the hands of Ginrai in ''Anime/TransformersSuperGodMasterforce''.
* Local gang leader Anego in ''Anime/DaiMahouTouge'' becomes pretty chummy with Punie after being defeated.
* Inverted in ''Yugo the Negotiator''. Yugo always get his ass handed to him, but he manages to get all cooperation he needs from them in the end, [[{{Determinator}} being the stubborn person he is.]] As a negotiator, it helps that he is also always looking for the best outcome for all sides involved.
* Graham Spector of ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'' concludes that Ladd Russo is his best friend in the whole wide world after the latter takes a high-speed monkey wrench to the side without even a flinch and subsequently owns him. Graham's insane, so that might explain it.
** Good thing [[PsychoForHire Ladd]] is too.
* A strange semi-example in a bit of [[Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse Star Wars Manga]] - yes, there is ''Franchise/StarWars'' manga ([[CanonDiscontinuity although it's non-canon, meaning it didn't happen]]) - happened when Darth Vader slaughters a group of hidden Jedi, sparing the last one - a very young boy named [[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tao_(Jedi) Tao]] - because the kid's anger and horror is so strong that it hints at serious Dark Side potential. He takes the boy as a secret apprentice (rather creepier than [[VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed Starkiller]]), and though Vader killed Tao's family and razed his world, Tao somehow can't really hate Vader. Even when the Emperor finds out and has Vader kill him - really, he was OnlyMostlyDead, and Tao was able to save his master from something else before dying happy, since Vader took him back to his razed homeworld to be buried.... The whole thing comes off as [[LoliconAndShotacon shotacon]]-ish fanfiction that stops just short of actual sex. Still, after having his people killed and being curb-stomped by the Dark Lord, Tao randomly became very loyal, and Vader for his part [[MoralityPet went a little soft]].
* ''Anime/{{Grenadier}}'' goes ''slightly'' overboard with this trope. In one episode we see the main characters beat a gang of bloodthirsty thieves with a known murderer as their boss, and the evil mechanic genius that helps them. Next episode, the whole ex-criminal gang is helping repair the damage they've done, and the boss (who has in the past killed the innocent family of a child over petty extortion) serves as benevolent comic relief. The evil genius is helping with defense, and is incredibly happy over being complimented for his work.
** The damage they had done was to a place called "The Pleasure Palace". While the insta-redemption might be a bit "Huh?"-worthy, it's honestly not that odd for a bunch of guys who have just had some sense beaten into them to realize "Hey, helping out a lot of really hot women works out a lot better than threatening them!"
* Near the end of Adachi Mitsuru's ''H2'', Hiro receives encouraging letters from various defeated players and teams. Even Hirota, the series' jerk, writes [[spoiler: "You're an eyesore. Lose already."]].
* This trope is part of the bread and butter of ''Manga/GreatTeacherOnizuka''. It's his teaching style.
* Invoked (badly) in ''Anime/{{Scryed}}''. One of the antagonists attempts to use his "script-writing" powers to rewrite reality where Kazuma joins HOLY. He botches it when Kazuma instead takes his defeat personally and punches the altered reality back into shape.
* Averted in ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ShootFighter_Tekken Shootfighter Tekken]]''. Kiichi defeats Kiba handily after a long and grueling fight, but Kiba still thinks he's just some punk kid. After telling him what a damn fool he was for being merciful, Kiba probably continues to be a massive asshole of a teacher.
* In the {{Shoujo|Demographic}} manga ''Manga/{{Crown}}'', bad guys come after [[TheIngenue Mahiro]], get their butts kicked by Ren and Jake, and then hang around and help with the housework.
* In the ecchi romance ninja manga ''[[http://www.sendspace.com/file/bcfff6 Ninja Girls]]'', this is how the rivals in the LoveTriangle for Raizo's affections become friends... during a friendly game of kemari that turns violent. If they weren't {{Stripperiffic}} you could almost mistake this as an occurrence in a typical male oriented sports manga, as they fall down laughing, and handclasping.
* ''Manga/AmazingAgentLuna'' has Luna [[spoiler:offering her protection to the [[EvilTwin evil clone]] she had just defeated]].
* From ''Manga/LiarGame'', the only times that Nao does lie is to help out those in the game. And once she advances to the next round, she gives her winnings to them, so they could pay off their debts. Once she does, they see that her honest character isn't faked and they become friends/allies with her to help ''her'' advance. Best example would be Fukunaga and Akagi.
** Also subverted spectacularly with Yokoya who walked away with a huge sum of cash and his own teammates in debt. All of his teammates were not pleased at all. In fact, Fukunaga who wasn't even on his team and had his debts all paid in full, returned to the revival game so he could "rip every last yen outta that damn bastard".
* In the ''[[Manga/DaiNoDaiBouken Dragon Quest]]'' manga, Dai earns several allies after beating them in one on one combat.
* Hayato from ''Anime/FutureGPXCyberFormula'' makes friends with Kaga, Osamu, Shinjyo, Johji and others after a few or more races with them, although he made friends with Kaga and Johji ''before'' the race started.
* Played straight with some villains-of-the-week (such as Bucci) in ''Anime/GunXSword''. Subverted in that this is what [[spoiler: The Claw]] wants, or claims to want, with all of his enemies. In the latter case, the desire to make friends with everyone comes across as a sign of [[WellIntentionedExtremist extremism]] at best, and insanity at worst.
* Not only used multiple times, but practically trumpeted as an ideal in martial arts in ''Manga/SumomomoMomomo''. Momoko even has a flashback where her father tells her that such clashes, and chats over drinks afterwards, result in the best friendships (and the best-tasting drinks). It's shown via quick flashbacks that the ArrangedMarriage that drives the plot came about after Momoko's and Koushi's fathers played this trope straight.
* ''Manga/MedakaBox'', being a DeconstructorFleet of Shounen tropes, plays with this one too. Medaka actually ''can't'' befriend people without somehow defeating and "fixing" them first. As Ajimu points out, Medaka values her enemies more than her allies. In chapter 118, [[spoiler:Medaka deliberately provokes Zenkichi further after Ajimu convinced him to fight against Medaka by beating the crap out of him and mocking him afterwards. Medaka tells Kikaijima that she hopes Zenkichi will become a WorthyOpponent that she can defeat and "befriend", and mentions that she should have set him up to be her enemy from the very beginning]].
* Occurs several times in the ''Anime/SailorMoon'' anime. If an enemy's been betrayed or is repentant then Usagi will heal or accept them as allies. Usagi is perfectly willing to kill, but most of the larger enemies short of the BigBad are [[SelfDisposingVillain Self-Disposing Villains]]. This trope is averted in the [[Manga/SailorMoon manga]]. The Guardians/Soldiers frequently kill their opponents as enemies in war.
* One arc of ''Manga/SakigakeOtokojuku'' featured a bunch of transfer students from the closest thing to Otokojuku anywhere else in the world -- the prep school for the Annapolis naval academy. Principal Edajima organized a series of "friendly" boxing matches between select new students and old students, ostensibly as a bonding exercise. In reality, the gloves used in the matches were metal and covered in spikes. The American students all lost their matches, but became the best of pals with their adversaries (and the Japanese students in general); when time came for the new arrivals to head home, unofficial class leaders Momotaro Tsurugi and Kieth Jackson both state that they cherished their time together.
* There's an interesting variant in ''Manga/{{Claymore}}''. [[spoiler: Miria]] vows not kill any of her former comrades when she leads a revolt against The Organization. She fights and defeats all of them... only to get butchered horribly when they regenerate. [[spoiler: Her resolve not to kill inspired every single enemy Claymore to defect to her side and they faked her death.]]
* In ''Manga/{{Holyland}}'', [[spoiler: Iwado, Shougo, Taka and Tsuchiya]] after their defeat by Yuu.
* Senji thought Ganta was dirt in ''Manga/DeadmanWonderland'' until he was outmaneuvered and defeated by him. Immediately afterwards he offers Ganta a smile and a [[HandshakeSubstitute fist bump]].
* The ''Manga/{{Toriko}}'' villain [[spoiler: Joa]] weaponizes this. He sees a person's thoughts as equivalent to their taste, so his Taste Change technique allows him to brainwash them into joining his side.
* This is a recurring theme in ''Anime/VariableGeo'', most notably where [[AmbiguouslyBrown Jun Kubota]] and [[ForeignFanservice Erina Goldsmith]] are concerned:
** Jun befriends Yuka shortly after being defeated by her and [[DefeatMeansRespect acknowledges Yuka as being stronger than herself.]] She spends the remainder of the series getting to know her and even takes it upon herself to help Yuka save her childhood friend, Satomi.
** Erina hides an underlying grudge beneath a happy-go-lucky facade, but Yuka [[WarriorTherapist purges her of her anger and hatred]] during their match. She thanks Yuka for it afterward and [[GracefulLoser wasn't upset by the fact she been been tricked into fighting her]], by Manami. Instead she treats it like a good joke, then she and [[PlayboyBunny her team of bunnies]] [[FlungClothing shed their uniforms en masse.]]
* In ''Anime/GirlsUndPanzer'', its inverted. After the heroes lose a match to the very British Saint Glorianna Academy, they are befriended by Glorianna's captain.
** Later [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] by the same captain, who points out that Miho has become friends with the commander of every team Ooarai has fought, save for Anzio's Anchovy.
--->'''Darjeeling''': (to Miho) "You're a strange person. You make friends with all the people you fight."
** In the later released OVA [[spoiler: it is shown that Anchovy did befriend them too. In their over eagerness to cheer Ooarai they partied too hard the night before the final match and missed it]].
* ''LightNovel/InfiniteStratos'' played with this trope at least twice, with the end result being the opponent ending up with Ichika's UnwantedHarem:
** First inverted with [[UpperClassTwit Cecilia]]: [[spoiler: she defeated him when his IS ran out of shield energy, then turned all ''dere-dere'' on him the next day]].
** Later on played straight with [[SuperSoldier Laura]]: [[spoiler: she reappears the next day after their match, kissing him in front of the class, then later [[WackyMarriageProposal declares him as her "wife"]]]].
* Just about every major friend and acquaintance of Nanami in ''Manga/KamisamaKiss'' became so through this trope. Even Tomoe, the deuteragonist of the series, since she forces him into a magical contract with her very much against his will.
* Seiichirou Kitano of ''Manga/AngelDensetsu'' manages to "defeat" Yuji Takehisa after attempting to stop a presumed suicide attempt. The latter spends the rest of the series as Kitano's completely loyal lackey, though the man himself is totally unaware of it.
* In ''Anime/AngelBeats'', Otonashi convinces [[spoiler:Angel/Tenshi]] to join the SSS after they defame her and she loses her authority. [[spoiler:This is sort of a subversion; we learn later on that [[PoorCommunicationKills she never intended to be their enemy in the first place]].]]
* In chapter 5/episode 3 of ''Manga/MonthlyGirlsNozakiKun'', Mikoshiba mentioned he is now friends with Kashima because of this trope. Specifically, he was decidedly defeated by Kashima in ''everything''.
* In Manga/BirdMen, Kamoda use to be one of the bullies that pestered Karasuma in 3rd Grade. After Karasuma fooled them into locking themselves in a room, Kamoda accepted defeat and decided to become friends with Karasuma instead.
* The title character of ''Manga/{{Kinnikuman}}'' generally befriended supermen he defeated in battle, such as final bosses Robin Mask and Warsman.
* Present and accounted for in ''Manga/TokyoGhoul''.
** Nishiki starts out trying to kill Kaneki during a territorial dispute, and is left mortally wounded. The next time he appears, he ends up becoming Kaneki's ally and later a good friend, after Kaneki helps rescue his girlfriend.
** After being defeated by Kaneki and Touka, Tsukiyama changes tactics and tries to get on his good side. While he starts out simply biding time until he can kill Kaneki, he slowly begins to genuinely care.
** After beating them within an inch of their lives, Yoshimura recruited first Koma and then Irimi to work for him at his coffee shop. They've been his loyal subordinates ever since.
** Revealed to be how Naki ended up working for Yamori. This tradition seems to continue with their gang, with several members joining after getting beaten.
** In the sequel, this has essentially occurred with Arima and Sasaki. After nearly killing him, Arima ended up taking the amnesiac [[HalfHumanHybrid Half-Ghoul]] under his wing and became a surrogate father figure. While Sasaki views him as a LivingEmotionalCrutch, it isn't clear what Arima thinks about their relationship.
* In ''Anime/{{Endride}}'', Demetrio occasionally uses his [[BadassNormal ass-kicking skills]] to recruit people into his [[LaResistance rebel army]], whether immediately (as with Mischa) or over the long term (as with Shun and Emilio).
* In ''Manga/Brave10'', this is [[JustForFun/HowToGatherCharacters how you collect]] Braves, to the point the ''only'' Braves Saizo has never had to fight against are Rokuro and Kakei. He and Sasuke fight on first meeting being [[RedOniBlueOni Iga-Koga ninja rivals]], Yukimura recruited Ana by AssassinOutclassin, and Kamanosuke, Seikai, Benmaru, and Jinpachi all join the team after fighting the Braves although often as not it's the Braves who start it. The case that stretches disbelief the most is [[spoiler:[[TheDragon Hanzo]] in the sequel, to the point the controversy it causes [[BreakingTheFellowship breaks up the Braves]]]].
* In both the anime ''Anime/{{Mob Psycho 100}}'' and its source manga, the character of Hanazawa Teruki exemplifies this trope. He starts off contemptuous of the hero and his AGodIAmNot attitude, but when Shigeo (aka Mob) utterly humiliates Teruki in a fight Teruki does a complete HeelFaceTurn and becomes Mob's friend and ally.
* Inverted in ''Manga/MyHeroAcademia''. Todoroki Shouto goes from mostly ignoring Izuku to challenging him as a rival during the Sports Festival arc. In the process he reveals a little about his [[BrokenAce motives]] [[TrainingFromHell and]] [[AbusiveParents background]], and when it comes time for their match, Izuku ends up spending more time [[WarriorTherapist shouting him into a better headspace]] than actually trying to defeat him. Todoroki is able to win ''because'' Izuku gets through to him, and afterward they become close friends.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Rayman}}'': After defeating the first boss, a huge mosquito, it starts crying, and when Rayman pats it on the back they form a friendship and actually work together in the next level.
* ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquer Red Alert 2'': Happens in the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge when they defeat the Allies and team up to take on Yuri's forces.. and vice versa in the Allied Campaign, although the Soviets using time travel to force a different outcome is much more plot-critical.
* ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} 5'':
** Bismark's Furor Teutonicus creates a chance that {{barbarian|Tribe}}s will join you after taking their encampment.
** The Mongol scenario has militaristic city-states provide you with soldiers when you conquer them.
* ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' games often require you to defeat various monsters as bosses before they offer you their power as SummonMagic.
** In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'', Amarant is a bounty hunter hired to kill Zidane and company, until they best him in a fight and he decides to throw in with them. This is one part [[PillarsOfMoralCharacter honour]] and one part trying to figure out exactly how he beat him.
** In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'', it's Yuffie, who joins your party after a fight in an attempt [[WutaiTheft to screw you over]]. Eventually becomes a sincere member of the party after you [[spoiler: save her from Don Corneo.]]
** In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'', half of the game's Guardian Forces as fought as bosses, including the first boss, Ifrit, and must be defeated in a boss fight before you can use them.
** In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2'', Most of the monsters you beat (non-boss only) become your familiar and help you in fights.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'': While several former antagonists join Team Ramza after their defeat, it's usually other factors that lead to them making a HeelFaceTurn; however, generic enemies (of both human and monstrous persuasion) can always be persuaded to join the party using the Mediator skill Invite, which has better chances of working after you've whittled down their health a bit--in the case of monsters, you can even have the switch in loyalties happen automatically with the Support skill Train, in which they will come over to your side as soon as the person with Train drops their hit points below a certain threshold.
* In ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaIIIDraculasCurse'', Trevor Belmont picks up allies Grant and Alucard only after defeating them as bosses. {{Justified|Trope}} in Grant's case, as this cures him of being [[BalefulPolymorph turned into]] [[TragicMonster a monster]].
* In the ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'' series if you defeat a boss you can create it through fusion, and this will remain in the compendium even in NewGamePlus and can be summoned regardless of level provided you have enough money to summon it.
* ''VideoGame/DevilSurvivor'' has the [[strike:Nintendo DS lookalike]] COMP, which upon activation summon a demon for you to fight. If you defeat it, it will become your subordinate. And then a fraction of the way into the game, [[CosplayOtakuGirl Midori]] defeats a [[SeriesMascot Jack Frost]] and teaches him about ThePowerOfLove and [[ThePowerOfFriendship Friendship]]. [[spoiler:A few days later, he reappears and depending on your choices, you can ''recruit him into your party'' on the last day.]]
* ''VideoGame/DevilSurvivor2'' features [[TheSocialDarwinist Social Darwinists]] Yamato Hotsuin and Keita Wakui, who believe that MightMakesRight. Both of them will fight you if you take any ending path other than Yamato's, and after you beat them they'll both admit that by their own logic, you've got the might and therefore must be right.
* One of the worst aversions of this trope is in ''[[VideoGame/DynastyWarriorsGundam Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2]]''. The more times you defeat a character, they will have negative opinions of you and your friendship with them will drop. Since you will need to have high friendship with characters in order to obtain their Gundam, this is a pretty annoying thing and will make obtaining them pretty tedious. But in the third and future games, the friendship with characters will always go up and never go down.
* Played with in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'': after each member of the Investigation Team confronts and comes to terms with their Shadow, the physical manifestation of their worst qualities, that Shadow will turn into their Persona, which they can control.
* ''VideoGame/StarFox'': In ''Assault'' Star Wolf fights the main characters first before joining them. Although to be fair, it was Star Fox who bothered them in their base. Even then, it was a case of EnemyMine and Wolf has a TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou thing for Fox.
* This is the hallmark of the ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' doujin game series. The only playable character that ''didn't'' start as a boss is Reimu herself. In fact, almost every game ends with the good guys sitting down for tea with the bad guys and unlocking a bonus stage.
** It's also heavily implied in the backstory of the goddesses in ''Mountain of Faith''. Kanako defeated Suwako to conquer her kingdom, but didn't exile her and agreed to share the shrine.
** One of Reimu's alternate outfits/color schemes in 12.3, ''Hisoutensoku'', is a ShoutOut to the [[Franchise/LyricalNanoha Nanoha herself]]. Makes sense, as they both are fans of Friendship Through Superior Firepower.
** In ''VideoGame/TouhouLabyrinth'', a boss fight with one of the major ''Touhou'' girls always ends with the girl ([[TheOneGuy or guy, in the case of Rinnosuke]]) in question "joining" Reimu's party in the post-battle cutscene. How willing each girl is at the matter varies individually, though.
** In ''Sacred Oriental Place'', the Three Fairies of Light purposefully challenge Reimu for the sole reason to become friends with her, [[GenreSavvy since they know what has happened to other former enemies of Reimu]].
** This trope finally got {{averted|Trope}} with ''Double Dealing Character'''s BigBad, Seija Kijin, who got the societal upheaval plot of the game rolling by [[ManipulativeBitch manipulating]] [[UnwittingPawn Shinmyoumaru Sukuna]] into doing her bidding. As it turns out, in ''Impossible Spell Card'', following the events of DDC, she was branded an outlaw and hunted by ''everyone'' for all the shit she stirred up. However, Seija is [[BadIsGoodAndGoodIsBad so contrarian]], enemies basically ''are'' friends from her point of view.
** The consequences of this trope are further elaborated upon in ''Manga/TouhouSuzunaanForbiddenScrollery'': Because of both DefeatMeansFriendship and the fact that [[PretendPrejudice she treats youkai and humans the same]], Reimu gets a lot of non-human visitors at her shrine. But because of that, rumors have started to circulate in the human village that she's not doing her job as their protector and youkai exterminator, but rather that she's siding with the enemy.
* Many newcomers in ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' fight Sonic, [[LetsYouAndHimFight usually out of misunderstanding]], before joining his side. This dates back as far as Knuckles (from 1994's ''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'', but several times since) to the additions of Blaze (''VideoGame/{{Sonic Rush|Series}}'') and Silver (''VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006''). The real baddie usually shows up midfight, making the opposing character perform a HeelFaceTurn split-second.
** In ''VideoGame/SonicAdventure2'', Shadow is an exception in that [[spoiler:he's the one orchestrating the evil]], so even after his defeats at the hands of Sonic, he continues to be evil, and his HeelFaceTurn comes later [[spoiler:in the Last story]]. Also, this is played straight with Knuckles, who manages to befriend Rouge [[spoiler: after he defeats her in a battle, and soon afterward saves her life and earns her respect]].
* ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Brawl'' uses this as a common means of getting new allies in the Subspace Emissary mode. The odd thing is that you can often fight as ''either'', so it works both ways.
* Creator/NipponIchi works:
** In ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}'', Flonne, Hoggmeiser, Maderas, and Gordon all get converted to Laharl's side after he beats them handily in boss battles. Also, defeating a monster-type enemy makes it available for you to create and use in battle. Killing more and more of the same type results in it costing less and less Mana to summon. If you're impatient and have strong characters not in play on the field, you can also just throw an enemy monster-type into your base panel (where your characters start in a given battle) and, if your reserves can subdue the monster, that monster will join your team assuming you defeat the others.
** ''{{VideoGame/Disgaea 3|AbsenceOfJustice}}'''s Raspberyl is a big believer in this trope. In the ending to the first chapter of Raspberyl Mode, her advice for making friends is as follows: "First, bust into their house... then, use your passionate fists and fight them till the end. Once the two of you collapse to the ground and start laughing, you guys will always be friends."
** All the members of the main cast of ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 4| A Promise Unforgotten}}'' who aren't with you from the beginning join after being defeated. Tyrant Valvatorez takes this concept to its logical extreme by making it a literal in-game ability - any enemy he defeats becomes a CPU-controlled ally for the remainder of the battle.
** In ''VideoGame/PhantomBrave'', killing a few of an enemy type will make it possible to recruit that enemy type.
** In ''[[VideoGame/LaPucelle La Pucelle Tactics]]'', if you "purify" any enemy before killing it, it will join your party and can be fielded immediately if you don't already have 8 units in play.
** In ''VideoGame/MakaiKingdom'', Zetta can challenge and beat most of his fellow overlords and obtain either them or some other form of stand-in (they've got netherworlds to run, after all) as party members -- including Laharl -- during a NewGamePlus. Just ''don't'' expect this to work on Salome, though.
** ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 2|CursedMemories}}'' has Yukimaru, who joins you after Adell beats her in the tournament and talks her down from probably-very-honorable-but-not-really-wished-for suicide.
** ''VideoGame/SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters'' has Odie as a main story example, and [[spoiler:Asagi and Lujei]] as BonusBoss examples. [[spoiler:The Demon Path is full of this, but it's more a case of 'defeat equals slavery' there -- except for the previous villains, who line up to join you with a smile on their faces.]]
* ''Franchise/BaldursGate'':
** In ''VideoGame/BaldursGateIIThroneOfBhaal'', you can recruit Sarevok, BigBad of [[VideoGame/BaldursGate the first game]], into your party. This is after you've killed him. Twice. A popular mod also allows you to recruit BigBad of the ''second'' game (that's the one this is an expansion to). After killing him. [[DeathIsCheap Twice]].
** Shar-Teel, in the first ''VideoGame/BaldursGate'' is less over-the-top version, as she simply insists on dueling a male member of your party before she joins you.
* ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' has you, in one of your early missions as a Jedi, track down and defeat the fallen Jedi apprentice Juhani. After you duel her, you can talk her back to the Jedi path with relative ease. Or kill her, if you're Dark Side-inclined, but that's more than a bit of a waste.
* ''VideoGame/{{Bully}}'':
** After Jimmy beats up all of the nerds, he says that he did it so they could team up to take over the jocks. Earnest, the leader of the nerds, even says "You have a strange way of making friends!".
** The leader of the Bullies clique, Russel, remains a loyal friend to Jimmy after he defeats him in a fist-fight and even remains [[spoiler:the only clique leader who doesn't betray him in the game's final chapter]].
* ''VideoGame/SaintsRowIV'' features two previous adversaries as prominent allies of the Boss (now the President of the US): Benjamin King, the former leader of the Vice Kings from the [[VideoGame/SaintsRow first game]] who was forced to drop his flags after an attempted coup in his organization, now the President's Chief of Staff; and Matt Miller, the leader of the Deckers from [[VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird the third game]], who was defeated by the Boss and likewise forced to flee, now a member of MI6. In addition, enemies from previous games, like Maero, Phillipe Loren, and Tanya Winters, can be recruited as Homies after defeating them in Loyalty Missions.
* ''VideoGame/TalesSeries'':
** ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'' has this in spades:
*** Sheena joins you after beating her twice. Regal joins almost right after defeating him. Many bosses often convert to your side as friendly NPC's once Lloyd beats the stuffing out of them. With an epiphany speech tossed in for free.
*** [[spoiler:Kratos]]. After defeating him 3 times, the 3rd being a [[ThisIsSomethingHesGotToDoHimself one-on-one duel]] between Lloyd and the aforementioned character. Depending on [[GuideDangIt certain conditions filled earlier in the game]] the aforementioned character may join your party.
** ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphoniaDawnOfTheNewWorld'' gives you the option (almost requirement) of recruiting monsters after defeating them in battle.
** In ''VideoGame/TalesOfRebirth'', almost every party member is recruited this way for one reason or another.
*** When you meet Tytree, he's been consumed by his Force after his sister was kidnapped, and beating him up breaks him out of it long enough for the heroes to explain the situation.
*** Annie attacks you and you have to fight her to tire her out, eventually leading to her joining the party.
*** Hilda is originally Tomha's {{Tykebomb}}, who's only diffused by fighting her ''twice'', once normally and a second time in a berserk state.
*** Veigue is good at this point, but he and Tytree getting into a fistfight and Tytree finally "winning" make Veigue fully admit the pair are friends and the two develop a better relationship as a result.
** ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'':
*** With WellIntentionedExtremist [[spoiler:Duke]], the ''final boss''. Yuri and friends beat the crap out of him, then completely forgive him after he joined their cause and helped to defeat the Adephagos. Despite the whole, y'know, attempted omnicide thing]].
*** With [[spoiler:Raven]], only the eventual defeat didn't so much cause the friendship as affirm it.
* ''VideoGame/TearsToTiara2'' Hamil defeats Aemilia, proving to her that there's still hope, that there's people hard at work at fixing what TheEmpire had let fall to ruin, and that there's people willing to fight for the sake of others. And of course his father was her ally at court. She quite eagerly joins the Party and put her administrative skills to use.
* ''Manga/MagicKnightRayearth'': In the SNES RPG, similarly as in the animé, every major antagonist will have a change of heart and join your party, and then leave right before you fight the next major antagonist. Except for Caldina, who lets you hire her for 3000 gold if you want her to tag along, and doesn't tag along if you don't hire her. But Fenrio, Ascot, and Lafarga all join your party temporarily, after they are taught the meaning of friendship, or in some cases, de-brainwashed.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Ristar}}'', a weird alien kid follows you around stage 5-1 in the background, and at the end of the stage you must beat him in a SnowballFight. Later on, when you fight the stage 5 boss he helps you by bringing hot pizzas [[FeedItABomb to throw in its mouth]].
* Both subverted and played straight in ''VideoGame/{{Grandia}}'' with Gadwin's two duels, the first being an impossible boss fight.
* The GBA remake of ''VideoGame/RiverCityRansom'' allows you to recruit most of the gang bosses into your party after you beat them. You can even recruit the old BigBad to use against the BonusBoss.
* An odd variant occurs in ''VideoGame/TheForceUnleashed'': rogue Jedi Master Rahm Kota is defeated and apparently killed by Starkiller in the first mission ([[NotQuiteDead he doesn't bite it]]). Much later, [[spoiler:after Starkiller's death is faked by Vader]], they run into each other again under Imperial fire, and immediately team up, forced together by circumstance. At first, Starkiller thinks that Kota doesn't recognize him because the latter was blinded in their first encounter, but in the Light Side ending, Kota reveals that he knew who Starkiller was all along; he just went along with the ruse because he could sense that Starkiller had a spark of good in him and needed a mentor other than Vader to bring it out.
* ''Franchise/MetalGear'':
** Big Boss, as a younger man, seemed to attract a number of allies in this way. Ocelot, Python, and [[spoiler:Gray Fox]]. Though in Python's case, they were already friends before they were [[LetsYouAndHimFight dropped on opposite sides of the conflict]], and after finishing their fight, they were friends again.
** Before founding [[PrivateMilitaryContractors MSF]], Big Boss - still calling himself Snake - ambushed a squad of Revolutionaries in Spain and took out half the unit. As he left, a drill sergeant yelled at Snake to help him kill himself and then tried to suicide bomb Snake's squad because of his Japanese pride. When he passed out from blood loss, Snake saved his life. Two years later, Snake and Kazuhira Miller have opened up Militares San Frontiere.
--> '''Kaz''': Why'd you save me, your enemy, after I tried to kill you?
--> '''Snake''': Because you swallowed your pride and fought with everything you had
--> '''Kaz''': I just didn't wanna lose
--> '''Snake''': You found a way to fight back even in the face of death, even when you knew you were gonna die - That's the mark of a true warrior
** This basically becomes a game mechanic in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPortableOps'', ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker'', and ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidVThePhantomPain''; you can knock out and take enemy soldiers back to your base. After some time in the brig these soldiers will join your team and become playable.
** ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance'' has a villainous example with Samuel Rodrigues. Initially he sets out to stop World Marshall, but joins them instead after being beaten by [[spoiler:Senator Armstrong. He tries it again on Raiden, but gets sucker-punched with an ISurrenderSuckers, which only pisses him off more]].
* Creator/{{Nintendo}} and Creator/{{Sega}} were very bitter rivals during the 16-bit era UsefulNotes/ConsoleWars, but after an embarrassing defeat with the UsefulNotes/SegaDreamcast causing them to give up consoles, Sega now happily makes games for Nintendo's systems.
* ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry'' has Dante and Lady team up after the former defeats the latter as a boss. The same goes for Dante and Nero, sort of.
* More like Defeat Means Grudging Allegiance in ''VideoGame/{{MechWarrior}} 4: Mercenaries''; you can challenge a Clan colonel to an honor duel. If you win, she is bound by honor to serve your merc company (as a ''pilot'', so don't get any wrong ideas, mkay?). Your second-in-command calls this out as an unreasonably bad idea, and while Falcon doesn't disobey orders, she's not exactly happy with the whole arrangement.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'':
** The Friend Ball automatically makes anything it catches friendly to its owner. Otherwise, catching a Pokemon only guarantees [[DefeatMeansPlayable obedience]]; captured Pokemon will start with a rather low happiness rating.
** In the 2nd Gen games and remakes, defeating certain trainers prompts them to give you their phone number, allowing you to call them every now and then, and them to call you for a rematch or give you useful items or information...or just annoy you by telling how they ''almost'' caught that Pidgey for the millionth time.
** In the 5th Gen games, you can fight and beat Doctors and Nurses on the routes. Once beaten, they will heal your party for free every time you talk to them. Since they tend to hang around in places far away from cities, this is very helpful.
** The fan comic ''Webcomic/CharCole'' shows some more reasons for Pokémon to follow their trainers: "Charlie" Cole eventually agrees out of [[http://charcole.kyrio.net/?comic=charcole19 concern for Brian and his other Pokémon]], while Raijal's Pikachu, Kraker, apparently just likes to fry some Pokémon butt and be praised for it.
** This trope has a major role in ''VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeon''. After an enemy faints there's a percentage chance that they will want to join your rescue team. How likely this is is affected by the many different aspects, such as level, the Pokémon being recruited, etc. So it's a whole game based on this trope. However, you have to leave the dungeon "successfully" in order to keep them, and not all Pokémon can be obtained this way.\\\
In ''VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorers'', it's changed so all you have to do is beat them. If your party's full, they just teleport out. You no longer have to complete the dungeon with them. Success!\\\
''VideoGame/PokemonMysteryDungeonGatesToInfinity'' goes an extra step and makes the "defeat" part completely optional for most Pokemon. Once you've defeated a species of Pokemon, you'll usually get a recipe for a gift specifically for that species, which when presented to them, will immediately cause them to ask to join your team. However, evolved Pokemon are exempt from this, and some species lack gifts specifically for them, instead requiring a much rarer gift that works on a particular type of Pokemon instead.
** The concept behind the captures in ''VideoGame/PokemonRanger'' is conveying one's feelings of good will to the Pokémon, requesting their (temporary) help in whatever heroic campaign you are undertaking. It's really not as cheesy as it sounds.
** The [[VideoGame/PokemonBlackandWhite Black/White]] generation of games hints that most of the wild Pokémon you come across want to be caught so they can get stronger and see new places. An NPC who apparently figures out how Pokemon feel about you by looking at their footsteps tells you that ones that like you fairly well hear wild Pokémon telling them that they've forgotten what it's like to be wild, whereas Pokemon who love you see the wild Pokémon as envious of the partnership.
** In [[VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2 Black2/White2]], the three Legendary Pokemon Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion (collectively called "The Three Muskedeers" by fans) clearly ''want'' to battle you. When they each appear, it's as if they were waiting for you to come. Latios or Latias (which one depends on the version) is even more eager to battle you; instead of standing still like most Legendaries do, it actually rushes up to and starts the battle whether you want to or not!
** Shows up in ''VideoGame/PokeParkWii'' with a twist -- battles are only one of the skill games, with tag and hide-and-seek being the other two competitive ones.
** This is one of the ways to obtain additional Pokémon in ''VideoGame/PokemonRumble''. The chance of it occurring is normally rather low, but when attacking enemy Pokemon, they have a random chance of becoming dazed and defeating them while they're in this state guarantees that you'll obtain them.
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'':
** In ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' fashion, certain monsters have a [[RandomNumberGod random chance]] of doing this in ''VideoGame/DragonQuestV'' after you... er... kill them. Look, death in the ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'' universe is weird enough, just go with it. You can recruit monsters in ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVI'' as well.
** Wild bosses in the first ''VideoGame/DragonQuestMonsters'' join you after you beat them.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Telefang}}'', when defeating enemy Denjuu, they often offer you their phone number so that you can befriend them and use them to battle other opponents.
* ''Franchise/MortalKombat'' spoofs this with the "Friendship" FinishingMove.
* In ''Battle For Meridell'', a game available on the website {{Website/Neopets}}, you battle monster versions of the species you can fight as. When defeated, they turn good and fight for you. This also works both ways, as them defeating one of your characters turns them evil (and makes them lose any equipment they were carrying).
* This happens to [[TheRival Roxis]] of ''VideoGame/ManaKhemiaAlchemistsOfAlrevis'', as the terms of a bet made by the heroes against the GoldfishPoopGang, the latter of which Roxis was a part of. However, it's subverted in that Roxis ''doesn't think'' of TheHero as his friend throughout the game.
* In the NES version of ''VideoGame/DoubleDragon III'', the bosses of the China (Chin) and Japan (Ranzou) stages join your side after you defeat them. Interestingly, they actually become playable characters, allowing you to continue if Billy or Jimmy is killed or even to temporarily use their strengths (powerful claw punch and speedy ninjato respectively) where most useful.
* In ''VideoGame/MegaManPoweredUp'', The UpdatedRerelease of ''VideoGame/MegaMan1'', if you defeat the bosses using only Mega Man's Buster said boss will be left intact upon defeat and be taken back to Dr. Light's lab for repairs, making them playable. Using any other weapon will just destroy them.
* This is the standard mode of character recruitment for the Wei campaign in ''VideoGame/WarriorsOrochi'', though most of the time it's more "defeat = forced to join your side". Eventually, though, Wei defects from Orochi control and a large chunk of disgruntled ex-Wei officers show up to help. The other campaigns are a mix of this and BigDamnHeroes.
* In ''{{VideoGame/Star Ocean|1}}'', if Ratix tries to reach C rank in the arena after a certain plot event, Tinek Arukena will announce that he wants to fight Ratix since he finds him a worthy opponent, then leaps in from the audience bleachers and replaces the end boss for the fight. If you defeat him and has less than eight members, he'll join up afterwards. (If you have no free spaces, he just leaves.)
* Marcus the super mutant from ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 2}}'' narrates to the player a one-on-one battle between himself and a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. After three days the two combatants reconcile, become good friends, and found a town together. Doesn't quite fit the trope 100%, as Marcus seems to imply that the fight was a draw.
* In ''VideoGame/CaveStory'', the protagonist does this to Toroko, Curly Brace, and eventually [[spoiler:Balrog]]. In Toroko's and Curly's case, it's because ''they'' preemptively attack ''him'', thinking he's a killer--so by defending himself and ''not'' killing them, he wins their trust. In [[spoiler:Balrog's case, it's because Balrog is a decent guy, only working for the BigBad because he's magically forced to do so]].
* In ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', all Valve (public) servers automatically rebalance the teams in a game if one team wins enough times without letting the other team win by shuffling players between the two teams.
* ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'':
** this can happen with Zevran, potentially leading to a romance, as well as [[spoiler:Loghain]].
** Played with in the case of [[spoiler:Loghain]] though; while the player may forgive him for showing remorse as he is defeated, [[spoiler:Alistair]] will most certainly NOT. [[spoiler:He becomes infuriated with the player, reminding them of all the evil Loghain has done in the recent past, contrition or no.]]
** This is the stated endgame of the Qunari (a religious force, not a race) - once they've beaten an enemy, said enemy is "re-educated" to embrace the Qun, which is the FreedomFromChoice philosophy of the Qunari. Of course, if a prisoner is particularly stubborn, they're just turned into a mindless laborer using a substance called Qamek.
* ''[[VideoGame/MarvelUltimateAlliance Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2]]'': SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}} does this after you prove you're not aiding the terrorist attack in his debut level. In the penultimate level you fight [[ComicBook/NormanOsborn Green Goblin]] and Comicbook/{{Venom}}, and when you defeat them to free them from [[spoiler:The Fold]] they go into an EnemyMine with you, so it sort of counts, though both are very agitated working alongside their archnemesis Franchise/SpiderMan.
* In ''{{VideoGame/Rosenkreuzstilette}}'', Spiritia has to fight her friends to get them to listen to her, which is no easy task given they are all {{magical girl}}s. And then there's [[spoiler:Grolla trying to convince them that an "unassuming" child is behind all the madness.]]
* The ''VideoGame/{{Suikoden}}'' series is full of this trope. There are OneHundredAndEight recruitable characters in each game, and many of them start off as enemies, or simply [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority won't join you if you can't defeat them in a fight]]. In the first game, [[spoiler:3 of the 4 enemy generals]] join up after they're beaten, though you do have the option of killing them instead, but this is not recommended as you won't get the "good ending" because you didn't gather the [[OneHundredAndEight 108 Stars of Destiny]].
* This occurs once in ''VideoGame/ValkyrieProfile''. Throughout the game, you witness the deaths of heroes, and recruit their souls for Ragnarok. At one point, the Valkyrie is commanded by the goddess Freya to kill a wizard named Gandar and take his soul. After he's dead, he refuses to join up with Valkyrie. She gives him the ultimatum of joining her or being sent to Hell. He grudgingly accepts.
* ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'':
** In ''VideoGame/MarioSuperSluggers'', after defeating Bowser in Challenge Mode in his own castle, Mario and his friends invite him to play baseball together for fun. Bowser accepts.
** In ''VideoGame/{{Paper Mario|64}}'', Lakilester (AKA Spike) fights Mario on Huff N. Puff's orders. After Mario beats him, he joins his party.
* A few of ''VideoGame/EarthBound'''s supporting characters are introduced as bosses, even one in particular who [[spoiler:helps you defeat Giygas.]]
* In ''{{VideoGame/Recettear|AnItemShopsTale}}'', Charme gives you her Adventurer Card a few days after she's defeated at Jade Way, allowing you to recruit her for other missions. The same goes for Tielle and Griff as well.
* In ''[[VideoGame/BanjoKazooie Banjo-Tooie]]'', Terry, the boss in Terrydactyland, accuses Banjo and Kazooie of stealing his eggs, and they fight him in a boss battle. After Terry is defeated, Banjo says that they haven't stolen his eggs, and offers to look for them for him. After finding them, he thanks them and rewards them with a Jiggy.
* Invoked in ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn''. The spirit of the sentient Sand Prince Gem is enthusiastic in greeting the party characters and happily offers them his/its [[UpgradeArtifact assistance]]... but he/it needs them to pass a [[StrengthEqualsWorthiness test of character]] before they can use him/it.
%%** [[{{Mon}} Djinn]] throughout the series operate on this principle.
* ''VideoGame/InazumaEleven'' is chock full of this. Even the most evil people become good by the end of the third games after you have beaten them again and again. Bonus point goes to the fact that you can recruit almost every of them into your team.
* Opponents also become allies after they are beaten in ''VideoGame/DanballSenki'', which is from the same creator as Inazuma.
* In ''VideoGame/SinAndPunishmentStarSuccessor'', [[spoiler:the Griffin Keeper boss of Stage 5 befriends the main characters after they defeat it, and it offers to carry them to their destination Mt. Fuji]].
* In ''VideoGame/{{Solatorobo}}'', a quest with Alman has him asking Red to teach his new apprentice to work harder. The apprentice wants none of it, telling them to leave him alone, and eventually prompts Red to fight him. Once beaten, his attitude does a 180 and he'll do anything "Boss" Red tells him to, including working as hard as he possibly can.
* In ''VideoGame/AdvancedVariableGeo'', this is Yuka's ''fighting style''. More specifically, she has the ability to form an empathic bond with those she fights; once she's in tune with their soul, she's able to defeat them spectacularly, and whoever she defeats has a high probability of becoming a fast friend with her.
* ''Videogame/IMissTheSunrise'' has the twist in that you need to fight them ''twice''. [[spoiler:Jessamine]] is fought as a MiniBoss towards the beginning of ''His Master's Voice'', and can be fought again as a BonusBoss later. They join your party after that.
* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls''
** In the series' backstory, founder of the Second Tamriellic Empire, Reman Cyrodiil, incorporated the defeated [[SnakePeople Tsaesci]] invaders from [[{{Wutai}} Akavir]] into his fledgling empire. After Reman used [[MakeMeWannaShout the Thu'um]] against them in battle during their invasion of Tamriel, they recognized him as Dragonborn, who the Tsaesci believe to be the ultimate dragon slayers. He incorporated the surviving Tsaesci into his armies, where they served him as bodyguards, dragon hunters, and would be the precursors to [[PraetorianGuard the Blades]]. They also became a great cultural influence within the empire.
** ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]'':
*** There are several [=NPCs=] who invoke this trope. When you talk to them, they challenge you to a fistfight. When you win said fight, they become much friendlier and most of them will even join you as a follower if you ask. There is one particularly racist NPC who manages to zigzag this trope, should you challenge him as an Elf. After you defeat him, he will switch between his usual racism, proclaiming you to be a cheater, and this trope, calling you a good friend.
*** One of the staples of Dragon culture is the belief that the strongest is meant to lead, hence Dragons who survive clashes with another frequently offering their allegiance to the one that bested them. [[TheDragon Odahviing]] and [[{{Dracolich}} Durnehviir]] end up invoking this towards the Dragonborn during the main game and in the ''Dawnguard DLC''; the former defecting in the belief that Alduin lost his right to command after he fled battle with the Dragonborn, while the latter does so out of respect for the Dragonborn being the first individual to ever best him in combat. After the defeat of Alduin, [[spoiler: many of the Dragons under his command switch their loyalty to Paarthurnax, who leaves to instruct them in the [[BadassPacifist Way of]] [[HeroicWillpower the Voice]]]].
* In ''VideoGame/{{Pirate101}}'' some enemies will join the player's crew after they have been defeated.
* Assuming you don't want to use the ClassicCheatCode to unlock him, this is how you get access to Roo in ''VideoGame/StreetsOfRage 3'', albeit in a different manner than normal. You have to leave him alone during the brawl against him and his trainer and only defeat the trainer, at which point you can select Roo when you have to use a continue from then on.
* Upon being defeated in the first game, Cynder, former BigBad in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfSpyro'' series became titular hero Spyro's friend onwards, partner in the third, [[spoiler:and eventual mate at the end]]. It helps that she was BrainwashedAndCrazy in the first game and losing to Spyro [[BeatTheCurseOutOfHim knocked the curse out of her]].
* This is done twice in the Black Side ([[VideoGame/MadWorld Jack Cayman]]) story in ''VideoGame/AnarchyReigns''. The first time it happens is with Big Bull, whose fight was supposedly Jack's induction into his brotherhood. As such, Big Bull returns from time to time to help Jack out. The second time it happens is with Rin Rin, who "owes her life" to Jack after he opted not to kill her after beating her. She also returns to help Jack out from time to time.
* In the original MLB Power Pros game, when your character defeats the Champion Rings in Success Mode, and subsequently their ace pitcher Zero Gibson, Zero learns about friendship from your character, and Zero "appoints you" to be his friend, which gets a deadpan reaction from your character.
* Multiplayer games with auto-balance have a form of this. Is your team outnumbered by at least two players? The next enemy one of yours takes down will defect to your side.
* You recruit allies in ''[[VideoGame/DynastyWarriors Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends]]''' Ambition Mode this way. It also happens several times in the various storylines in Story Mode.
* ''VideoGame/TheMatrixPathOfNeo'' has Chang Tzu, who you have to defeat before he'll listen to you, then you have to defeat [[EliteMooks agents]] together.
* [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]] [[PlayingWithATrope most of the time]] in ''VideoGame/FireEmblem''. Recruiting enemy forces to your side ''is'' a major mechanic in every game, but this is normally done by getting someone the enemy knows to talk to them and convince them to join you without fighting. With only [[DoubleSubversion a few exceptions]] (such as [[spoiler:Shinon in ''Path of Radiance'' and Walhart in ''Awakening'']], but [[GuideDangIt even they have preconditions]]), defeating a recruitable unit in combat will [[FinalDeath kill them]], not recruit them.
** ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'':
*** In the ''Revelation'' route, this how Camilla (the Avatar's eldest sister on the Nohr side) and her subordinates, Beruka and Selena, are recruited. She is sent by Garon to stop the Avatar and Co., alongside her Amazon Brigade plus Flora, and says she really doesn't want to kill the Avatar, but that if it has to be done, she'll do it herself, otherwise, she will be executed by Garon for failing or refusing. At the end of the level, after defeating her and Flora, she asks the Avatar to kill her, but the Avatar refuses and she and her group join in (save for Flora, who returns to the Ice Tribe, who have already gone into hiding).
*** In ''Birthright'' and ''Revelation'', this is how Silas is recruited.
* In the survival / colony simulator ''VideoGame/RimWorld'', if your survivors take prisoners from an attack on the colony, these prisoners can potentially be recruited into the community.
* ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' has a small one with Grunt. When he's awakened from his tank, he immediately attacks Shepard and pins him/her to a wall, demanding that s/he give reason to command him, not expecting much from a human. [[EnemiesEqualsGreatness Revealing the kind of enemies s/he has]] and that s/he has had a gun on him through their entire conversation impresses Grunt enough that he pretty much instantly gains UndyingLoyalty to Shepard.
** Also [[SpaceRomans turian]] standard policy. When the turians win a war, they absorb the defeated enemies' population and territory into their empire and recruit them as auxillaries for their armies. At the conclusion of their service they're granted full turian citizenship with all the accompanying rights and responsibilities.
* In ''VideoGame/ToyCommander'', after you defeat one of the seven generals, said general becomes playable in the final fight against Huggy Bear.
* Several recruitable characters in ''VideoGame/ExitFate'', both optional and mandatory.
** After you rout Keyser's forces with a gambit thought up by Bast and take him prisoner, Bast approaches Keyser and asks him to join your side. To his credit, Bast does make several good points to entice him: Keyser is now disgraced in Kirgard and couldn't go back to his old life anyway, Zelmony is proving to be the winning side, and best of all, "Don't you want to see what you and I can accomplish together?"
** Vanrushal the vampire joins you after you've defeated him and taken away most of his power. He does this of his own accord, both for his own safety (since he's much weaker now and his mansion is full of deadly monsters) and because you seem interesting. You don't even get a chance to refuse.
** Deke joins after you defeat his prototype robot. Obviously, this means that he still has much to learn and far to go.
* In ''VideoGame/MocoMocoFriends'', defeated Plushkins may offer to join your team.
* {{VideoGame/Undertale}} both subverts and plays this trope straight. You can befriend any monster you encounter([[spoiler:including bosses]]) after winning the battle. [[spoiler:The catch is, to do so you will have to "win" the encounter by non-violent means. If you will fight the monster, the battle will end with you ''actually killing'' them.]]
* In ''VideoGame/PocketArcadeStory'', Rivals who've lost to you in tournaments will immediately become patrons your arcade.
* Elena from ''VideoGame/StreetFighterIII'' basically takes this as a policy since she isn't fighting as a matter of personal pride or glory. Instead she uses it as a way to meet new people and befriend them, strange an approach as it is.
* A literal example in ''VideoGame/OneNightAtFlumptys''. What is your reward for beating Hard-Boiled Mode? You get to become Flumpty's new best friend!
* ''VideoGame/HyruleWarriors''. In Adventure Mode, King Bulblin appears in some battles on the Twilight and Termina maps and Captain Keeta appears in some battles on the Termina map. They appear as part of the enemy or rogue forces but will become your allies and fight on your side if you get their health low enough.
* In ''VideoGame/RabiRibi'', Erina and Ribbon have to invite magic users to come to Rabi Ribi Town to help with a more worrying problem. The problem is, any time Erina tries to strike up conversation with such an individual, that person usually either [[PoorCommunicationKills attacks Erina over a misunderstanding]] or is BrainwashedAndCrazy by a "bunny phenomenon" and has to be snapped out of it by defeating them, with few exceptions. In any case, defeating the target usually gets them to come to town, though two bosses have to be fought multiple times for it to succeed.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}}'' 4 and 5, King fights and beats Craig Marduk, who murdered Armor King in a bar brawl before Tekken 4. After the second defeat, Marduk decides to change his ways and become a more honorable fighter when King forgives him and the two end up as tag-team partners in the professional wrestling circuit.
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* While their fight was a draw, WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack and the Scotsman become good friends after fighting one another and then teaming up to fight off some bounty hunters that had been chasing them.


* While their fight was a draw, WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack and the Scotsman become good friends after fighting one another and then teaming up to fight off some bounty hunters that had been chasing them. The Scotsman goes on to become one of Jack's dearest allies, not only saving Jack's life on one occasion but also [[spoiler:being instrumental in the final battle against [[BigBad Aku]]]].
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* In ''[[ComicBook/Supergirl2005 Girl Power]]'' storyline, ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} and ComicBook/WonderGirl fight and the former wins. Both girls become friends afterwards.
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* Many animals (dogs, cats, etc.) will squabble when meeting other individuals of the same species; but usually once a clear dominance relationship is established, they will get along fine. A human intervening in such a squabble can actually be counter productive.

* In HighSchool, this tends to happen quite often after two boys get in a fight.
* This is not unheard of in the GameShow community. There are several cases where people become friends after one has defeated another on a game show. In particular, the ''Series/{{Jeopardy}}'' fanbase is full of former contestants, many of whom lost to each other at various points (either in regular gameplay or tournaments).
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** Also Subverted with Freeza every time he's been revived. No matter how many times he's lost to him, he absolutely ''hates'' Goku with a passion and will never stop trying to murder him. [[spoiler: Even with the fate of the entire universe in the balance, the first thing he does when Goku recruits him for the Tournament of Power is casually punch him in the gut, and trapped him in an energy sphere that nearly erased him from existence. Even after being thwarted in those plans, he internally monologues that the reason he's gotten stronger despite being cocooned in Hell is that he spent the entire time concentrating on the myriad ways he'd kill Goku if he ever got free.]]


** Also Subverted with Freeza every time he's been revived. No matter how many times he's lost to him, he absolutely ''hates'' Goku with a passion and will never stop trying to murder him. [[spoiler: Even with the fate of the entire universe in the balance, the first thing he does when Goku recruits him for the Tournament of Power is casually punch him in the gut, and trapped him he later traps Goku in an energy sphere that nearly erased erases him from existence. Even after being thwarted in those plans, he internally monologues that the reason he's gotten stronger despite being cocooned in Hell is that he spent the entire time concentrating on the myriad ways he'd kill Goku if he ever got free.]]
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*** In the last few seasons the trope gets played completely straight, with only minimal justifications given. This was one of the reasons many viewers felt the show was losing it's quality.
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* UsefulNotes/HillaryClinton and UsefulNotes/BarackObama endured one of the bitterest primaries in modern politics, but four years of Clinton serving as Obama's Secretary of State forged a strong working relationship and, ultimately, deep friendship between the two of them. Obama essentially hand-picked her as his chosen successor for the Presidency with a ringing endorsement, calling her "the most qualified candidate in history" and making it clear that she has his complete trust and support. After Labor Day, when the general election kicked into high gear, he embarked on a campaign blitz on her behalf that is unmatched by a sitting President in modern history. [[http://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/barack-obama-hillary-clinton-hug-photoshop-battle-thumb.jpg Just look at them now.]]
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** Also Subverted with Freeza every time he's been revived. No matter how many times he's lost to him, he absolutely ''hates'' Goku with a passion and will never stop trying to murder him. [[spoiler: Even with the fate of the entire universe in the balance, the first thing he does when Goku recruits him for the Tournament of Power is casually punch him in the gut, and trapped him in an energy sphere that nearly erased him from existence. Even after being thwarted in those plans, he internally monologues how he's been spending every day in hell concentrating on how many ways he can kill Goku and plans on using the Gods themselves to do so.]]


** Also Subverted with Freeza every time he's been revived. No matter how many times he's lost to him, he absolutely ''hates'' Goku with a passion and will never stop trying to murder him. [[spoiler: Even with the fate of the entire universe in the balance, the first thing he does when Goku recruits him for the Tournament of Power is casually punch him in the gut, and trapped him in an energy sphere that nearly erased him from existence. Even after being thwarted in those plans, he internally monologues how that the reason he's been spending every day gotten stronger despite being cocooned in hell Hell is that he spent the entire time concentrating on how many the myriad ways he can he'd kill Goku if he ever got free.]]
** In ''Anime/DragonBallSuper''[='s=] Universe Survival Saga, Goku has to put together a team of ten fighters for an inter-universe tournament; rather tellingly, the vast majority of the team (seven out of the ten) were Goku's enemies at some point in the past. [[spoiler:This ratio stays the same even after Majin Buu has to be replaced at the last minute -- Goku goes to Hell
and plans on using recruits Freeza over the Gods themselves to do so.protests of everybody else.]]
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