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Apocalyptour is the second national tour of TeamStarKid, which is more story driven than the SPACE Tour. The StarKids, having given up singing and dancing, have turned to their true passion of archeological digs until they unwitting unearth the Mayan God of Chaos and Death, Margaret, who is ready to bring about the 2012 apocalypse. Fortuneately, Margaret is also the Mayan God of Musical Theater, and gives the StarKids a chance to save the world by putting on a concert. ----- !!''Apocalytour'' provides examples of the following tropes: *ActorAllusion: [[Darren Criss One Starkid will be swallowed by a giant fox]] and another will lead the jews out of Egypt and host his own one man showeses. *BigNo *CrowningMomentOfFunny: In 'Guys Like Potter'. *TheDanza: Everyone except Jim. *HollywoodPudgy: Joey, again. *HoYay: So much especially Joe being about to kiss Joey. *TomTheDarkLord: Margaret the Mayan God of Chaos and Death. ----
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