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''The Homeward Bounders'' is a novel by Creator/DianaWynneJones. A boy is exiled from 19th-century England and forced to wander through multiple alternate universes. ---- !!Tropes include: * BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler: ''They'' are defeated, but Jamie has to keep wandering from one world to another, watching his friends age and die around him, in order to keep 'the real place' everywhere.]] * BlessedWithSuck: Helen. * DemonSlaying: Konstam and Joris. * FlyingDutchman: All the main characters; additionally, the actual Flying Dutchman and Wandering Jew are minor characters. * GameTropes: This book contains many examples, most notably War Gaming and chance games. * GenreSavvy: Adam, and to a lesser extent Helen: "I am a cleric and magic user." * HappinessInSlavery: Joris is Type I of this - although he hated the concept of being a slave, Konstam treated him very well, and Joris liked working for him. Turns out [[spoiler:Joris' owners hated slavery and were planning to free him as soon as they could.]] * JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Helen again. * MadeASlave: Joris was at a rather young age. * MayflyDecemberRomance: [[spoiler: It's suggested that this is what will happen to Jamie and Helen at the end.]] * TheMultiverse * ReallySevenHundredYearsOld: Jamie. * StrangerInAFamiliarLand: Jamie, at the end. * TheTropeWithoutATitle: The antagonists are just called ''They''. * {{Tsundere}}: Helen, all the way. * YouCantGoHomeAgain: Though they're promised that finding their way Home breaks the curse to wander. [[spoiler: Jamie can, but gets there 100 years too late and no longer fits in, making this also StrangerInAFamiliarLand. ]] * WalkingTheEarth: Walking the ''multiverse''. ----
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