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* CollectorOfTheStrange: Abby collects calendars. So many calendars.

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** The second book has a nasty example from the rest of the Hayes family: a festival is coming up, and everyone wants to go. Abby, who has spent several years taking Alex around the festival, declares that she doesn't want to take Alex and actually wants to do her own thing, like going places without being escorted by older siblings/parents, and not being Alex's automatic babysitter all the time. The response is not pretty: Abby's father tries to emotionally blackmail her by saying that they planned their time based on the assumption that she'd take care of Alex, and the twins are furious that they might actually have to take care of their brother for once. Alex is furious that Abby wants to have a life outside of him. Only Abby's mother finds this to be reasonable.

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* TheUnfavorite: Abby feels like this sometimes as part of her MiddleChildSyndrome.
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