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SuperStories can be followed on [[http://eco-r1.livejournal.com/ livejournal]] or [[http://eco-r1.deviantart.com/ deviantart]].


SuperStories Super Stories can be followed on [[http://eco-r1.livejournal.com/ livejournal]] or [[http://eco-r1.deviantart.com/ deviantart]].
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''Super Stories'' is described as "a series of interlinked stories about superpowered individuals trying to make their way in the world". So far, complete stories include Veldron's Saga, the story of a less-than-successful supervillain trying to get 'back in the game' after a prison escape, and Helaron's Saga, by a once-glorious heroine who is getting too old and jaded to keep saving the world.

SuperStories can be followed on [[http://eco-r1.livejournal.com/ livejournal]] or [[http://eco-r1.deviantart.com/ deviantart]].

!!This story provides examples of:

* AgonyBeam: Veldron's preferred weapon is basically a miniaturised, wrist-mounted Active Denial System.
* BrotherSisterTeam: Polaron and StarFyre
* CardboardPrison: [[http://eco-r1.livejournal.com/898.html#cutid1 Regularly breaking out is considered a standard PR strategy]] among supervillains who have the knack for it.
* {{EMP}}: Polaron's superpower is to generate these.
* ExplosiveLeash: Averted. Veldron says that people have tried to fit him with explosive collars before, but nobody bothers any more; he's never seen a bomb he couldn't disable with a knife and a mirror.
* GoodThingYouCanHeal: Veldron's regeneration ability.
* IdiotBall: If you were going to design a ray weapon with a distant dependent effect and your entire body except for one part of your palm was immune to it, would you design it so that it had to be held in that palm to work? Veldron would.
* MineralMacGuffin: The Trabethan Jewel. Everyone wants it for different things, but it's always in demand. It's constantly being cycled through failed doomsday machines and spends most of its time in police evidence lockers.
* MusicalAssassin: The Host.
* StrappedToAnOperatingTable: The Ultimate Justice Squad do this.
* SuperHero and SuperVillain: Most of the cast. Some more successfully than others.
* {{Unobtanium}}: Electronium
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