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* BlessedAreTheCheesemakers
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NeedsMoreLove. '''Big time'''.
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* EnsembleDarkHorse - Viggo Schmatz, the '[[MagnificentBastard cheese master]]' who uses orphan labourers to do his bidding in the first book, before being, unfortunately, PutOnABus. Made doubly unfortunate by the fact that his character was developed a ''lot'' while he was there.

* {{Narm}} - A few scenes that are assumedly serious become narmish due to lack of punctuation. Since when does a ''yell of excruciating pain'' not warrant an exclamation point? Fortunately, this is one of the only errors of this type for the duration of the entire series. * NightmareFuel - In-story: everything the ODA does. It's not so bad for the reader, though. ** The illustration of Teddy was pretty effed-up.

* UncannyValley - The ODA. Just...the ODA.
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