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Mega Gaming Gods (seen with the non-popular Let's Play of VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog2006 here: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01mrBqkoOis&feature=plcp]]) is a group of a few guys who do woefully unappreciated videos. They have done Sonic '06, VideoGame/MarioParty 7 Duel Mode, and others. Aidan is the one with the higher voice, and he uses many "less-than-savory" words. Jake is the level-headed one, and they bounce off each other very well. They generally review Creator/{{Nintendo}} and {{Xbox360}} games.

Note: NSFW for copious amounts of cursing.

!!Tropes used by Mega Gaming Gods:

*AtomicFBomb: Aidan, in VideoGame/MarioParty 7.
*CausticCritic: Aidan mostly, but his "criticism" consists mostly of cursing.
*ClusterFBomb: Aiden uses these a lot.
*FakeDifficulty: A bane of these guys. Expect cursing more than usual.
*LetsPlay: The show, mostly.
*NintendoHard: Sonic 2006, mostly due to the conspicuous lack of controls in many of the stages and all the glitches.
*ObviousBeta: Sonic 2006, consisting of glitches, mostly.
*PrecisionFStrike: Jake, in contrast, uses these.
*RankInflation: Used by both guys in Sonic when referring to "S" ranks.
*RedOniBlueOni: Aidan is the Red Oni to Jake's Blue Oni.
*VitriolicBestBuds: Aidan and Jake, to a certain extent.
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