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* It turns out all Mason wanted from his cataclysmic car chase which "wrecked half of downtown San Francisco" was to meet his estranged daughter, whom was conceived when he met her mother "drunk at a Music/LedZeppelin concert." It was an awkward moment, Mason unable to put his love for her and his promise to make up for lost time into proper words, and she hesitant to believe that he ''isn't'' still a violent criminal. Her awkward joy quickly turns to dissapointment as the police cars arrive, at which point Stanley stands in and proclaims to her that Mason is on an important mission to save innocent hostages, restoring her faith and love in him. It is at this point Mason and Goodspeed's friendship and brotherly-bond begins proper.
* The finale, in which Mason warmly tells Stanley the meaning of his surname:
--> "Goodspeed: It means "God-Speed. God Speed."
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