History Heartwarming / Reconciliation

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*Hanako is on the verge of a mental breakdown for most of the fic after hearing about [[spoiler:Hisao's death]], even contemplating suicide once. She never gives up, though, so that she can be there for Lilly which shows that even though she’s isolated herself, her feelings have not changed.
*Akira tells Hanako that Lilly was never angry with her, and in the next chapter, Lilly demonstrates that even if she was unable to contact Hanako, she kept mementos of her around, and bought all her books.
*Hanako’s thoughts at the end of the main fic, recalling Lilly, Akira, Sho and Hisao.
-->''I may not make a lot of friends...''
-->My mind wanders back to my luggage and the ornate chess set lovingly nestled within. I smile as I start to drift off.
-->''But the friends I do make, I keep forever...''
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