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** And just before he dies, he experiences her unconditional love. Probably the only time he's ever gotten anything from anyone apart from fear and loathing.
3rd Aug '10 6:59:08 AM Fighteer
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Click * @/{{Fighteer}}: If you've read all the edit button way through, you're surely wondering what Olga Pirovsky has to start this new page. do with J Corp, the Other, and all the other mysterious nastiness that's been going on. Certainly there have been clues seeded throughout the novels, but it isn't until the climactic [[TheReveal reveal]] that we learn the truth ('''SUPER SPOILER WARNING'''): [[spoiler:the Other is her son, stolen from her at birth and imprisoned in a satellite as the "brain" of Otherland's operating system. [[TearJerker And his name is Daniel]].]]
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