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* In the Talent Pool episode, the titular pool is capable of giving anyone a talent, which is a godsend to anyone of low self-worth who feels useless. However, by the time Cassie comes looking for a talent, the pool has gotten so fed up with everyone just begging her for talents and never sticking around that the Talent Pool refuses to give Cassie a talent unless she makes the pool laugh. The pool, you see, hasn't laughed in 387 years. All of our heroes' attempts to make the pool laugh fail miserably...then Cassie finally asks just ''why'' the pool hasn't laughed for so long. Upon learning it's because the pool is lonely, Cassie promises to be the pool's friend and to sometimes come by to play a little and talk a little, and ''that'' finally makes the pool laugh--out of sheer joy! For bonus heartwarming points, since Cassie succeeded in making the pool laugh, it finally agrees to give Cassie a talent--which Cassie ''turns down'', because Cassie has just discovered she already ''has'' a talent, "being a good helper."
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