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* Despite the damage done, in episode 2[=/=] the morning after Van’s battle with the Moes, Ms. Yamano tells Van he’s allowed to keep his LBX, provided “that he doesn't lose to anyone” with her smile. Considering what happened before, its good to see the pain has mended.
* Despite the danger, [[TrueCompanions Amy still chooses to help Van get the exo-armor back and help figure out why Van’s dad entrusted AX-00 to him.]]
** Later on in the battle with Hanz’s lackies, Kazu shows up to help Van and Amy win the battle. Also a moment from Gabe, instead of running way, went to Kazu to help his friends.
* After Kazu’s LBX gets destroyed, rather than sulk, he instantly comes up with a plan to help Van and Amy.
** Even better, the FiveManBand try to help Kazu pick a new model for him to enjoy.
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