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6th Jul '15 3:38:29 AM TMNTFanGirl
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-->'''Scooby:''' I'd do anything for ''you,'' Velma!


-->'''Scooby:''' I'd do anything for ''you,'' Velma!Velma!
** It should be noted that Scooby was the only character who never once doubted Velma's innocence in the episode.
31st Aug '12 8:02:52 PM Lucymae2
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* In "The Computer Walks Among Us" (where Velma is framed after her computer causes a series of thefts): Scooby refuses to enter a dark closet, even for a Scooby Snack. But he does so when Velma kisses him.
-->'''Velma:''' Will you do it for ''me'', Scooby? (''she kisses Scooby on the cheek'') Pleeeeeeease?
-->'''Scooby:''' I'd do anything for ''you,'' Velma!
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